Know More About Randeep Hooda’s Rang Rasiya

Rang Rasiya is a Bollywood flick starring Randeep Hooda and Nandana Sen in lead roles that got released last week. The movie is based upon the life of Raja Ravi Varma, who is known for his paintings and his muse. The movie has already made it to the headlines for many reasons and the main being the leaked video of Nandana going topless!

Now, you are aware of many things about the movie; the cast, the director, the story and much more. There are many unknown facts or to be more precise lesser known facts about the movie Rang Rasiya. Now, let us ponder over some lesser known facts about the movie Rang Rasiya, which has already created waves in the industry.


Rang Rasiya, as we all know tells the story of Raja Ravi Varma and his paintings. He is such an ardent painter who indeed brought many gods to life through his paintings. Now, the same story was made in Malayalam which bears the title Makaramanju and got released in 2011. Santhosh Sivan had portrayed the life of Raja Ravi Varma in that film. Actress Karthika played his muse in the film. It also portrayed the epic character Pururavas.

Randeep Hooda is a perfect choice to play the role of Raja Ravi Varma with his killer looks and the trailer shows him quite convincing in the role as well. The movie is sure to rock on screen as it is different from the usual masala flicks!


Rang Rasiya was supposed to get released in 2008! Surprised? Yes, the movie which got its first premiere in 2008 in London was getting delayed due to many reasons. The first crisis the movie had to face was to get a certificate from the Censor Board. The board hesitated to give a clear certificate for the film and commented saying it has some real bold scenes that involved paint and showcased nudity at prima face.

Apart from this, the posters of the film created a notion that the film is a controversial plot that throws light on to the personal life of a much acclaimed king and painter Raja Ravi Varma and his iconic paintings which are still worshipped as Gods even now.


Rang Rasiya was first screened at London Film Festival in 2008. But, the controversies and delayed certification by the Censor Board were the main reasons for the movie not released then!

Nandana Sen was considered to be a perfect choice for the film in 2008. As the movie got delayed the actress, who is the daughter of Amartya Sen, had become the wife to John Makinson, CEO of Penguin and had settled in New York. The actress moved to India recently after she heard the re-launch of the film and came to promote the film.


Another highlight of the film is the history of the director of Rang Rasiya. Ketan Mehta, who is a two-time National Award winner, is crazy about taking up challenges and making others prove that making a good and worth film needs no rocket science but some patience and knowledge. If we have a look at his films, all of them have mostly been untouched topics in the history so far. Even the Malayalam version was made after he decided to do the film. This shows the passion of the director within him to always do such movies that apparently make others watch not for the sake of watching but has many reasons to watch it!

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