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How to Get Life Line/Hi-Life Electric Tandoor only for Rs. 1945/-

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  1. Go to Life Line/Hi-Life Electric Tandoor page from here and Register with valid e-mail address.
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Note: The price of Life Line/Hi-Life Electric Tandoor was Rs. 2645/- on the day, when this post was published. Price may change according to availability and Coupon Code.

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Life Line/Hi-Life Electric Tandoor Highlight:

Big Size Chef Electric Tandoor Overview
Power: 2000 W
Power Supply: 230 V 50 Hz
Toughened glass windows
Ideal for Tandoori and Grilled items
Light weight and elegant looking
Heating elements (ISO 9001)
Shock Proof
No Pre – Heating required
Bakes upto 1 kg Biscuits
Can roast upto 2 kg Tandoori Chicken
Can Grill fish, meat, tomato, bacon, mushroom
Can barbecue meat, shashilk, kababs
Can bake rolls, eclairs, nankhatais, coconut cookies, chocolate sponge cake
Can toast breads
Can defrost frozen food without actually cooking it
Can warm/reheat fast food without overcooking the food and much more
Much quicker in Cooking as compared to ovens and microwaves
Non Stick Cloth Features:
Used in Grilling chicken, fish, tikkas
Bake biscuits, pizzas
Toast bread, sandwiches etc
Helps to remove excess oil from food items for oil free cooking
Can be used in all home appliances like Electric Tandoors, Ovens, Grillers and Microwaves
Easy to clean
Freebie Item- 4 seeks Roads+Recipe Book

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