As India heads towards a graded exit of the lockdown, digital expansion of the economy is becoming a hard reality in India. While giant businesses like Twitter and Facebook are allowing workers to work from home till September, the online gaming sector has been on the safe zone during lockdown. Skilled card games like online rummy and poker have seen a visible growth during this period due to the increased launch of online cash games to keep players busy during the lockdown.

Indeed, the online cash game tables of such skill games are jam-packed with players as the competition and guarantees see a sharp rise during quarantine hours. Erstwhile, gaming portals were confined to a sharp peek post 7 in the evening, but being locked up insides your homes has offered gamers plenty of time to hone their skills and win real money.

Let’s take a look at one such skill game that’s receiving quite the adoration and applause by Indian players- online rummy.

Online Rummy Cash Games: What’s the fuss about?

The thrill of online rummy games has become acute as more and more live gamers tune into the realm and as it turns out it is the fastest way to join the club from any corner of the map today.

Here are a few worthy reasons why online rummy games have taken the center stage in online gaming in the 21st century.

  1. It is 100% Legal

Online rummy cash games as of today are 100% legal in India, whether played live or online with the exception in the states of Assam, Orissa and Telangana. This has eased any remaining ounce of hesitation in the Indian gaming scape. A skill game recognized by the apex court of India, players invest money especially when they are confident they can win solely through their skills!

  • Fast Track Technology with New Features

As the digital era continues to unfold at lightning speed, the changes can be heavily felt and seen on online cash game apps. Players can simply download user friendly apps on their smartphones and get gaming instantly. An online rummy cash games app that’s worth a mention is RummyBaazi. Available on both iOS and Android, the RB app is lightweight, less on battery and boasts a smooth interface for seamless gaming.

However, a great leap in technology ensures trending apps like RummyBaazi to guarantee fair play through a device called Random Number Generator by shuffling random numbered cards during the game.

The app also features cool avatars, hilarious emojis, chat options with live players and is soon featuring private tables wherein you can invite your fellow friends to play together.

  • Multiple Gaming Choices

As online rummy cash game apps rise in popularity, they have introduced popular variations of online rummy on their platforms that you can play for cash. Three popular variants you can find in leading online rummy sites are Deals Rummy, Points Rummy and Pool Rummy.

You may usually find these games for a varied range of stakes, so simply pick one that suits your bankroll and get started. Online rummy cash games are especially popular among day to day players as they have no scheduled start/end time allowing you pick a game any time of the day, earn some quick money and leave whenever you need to catch a break.

  • Stellar Competition

Former lovers of good old rummy have yet another solid reason to play cash rummy games online. In order to raise the stakes and bring in more competition, online cash game apps like RummyBaazi features high stakes tournaments every month as a call to attention to the best minds to contest their skills among a huge number of players.

The guarantees are mouthwatering and as such to limit the amount of competition, the number of participants are fixed and are often welcome on a first come first served basis. The month of May is a high value month for cash rummy game players on RummyBaazi as you can register for some intense action at the felts every week of the month with their 1LAC Sunday Special. Besides, the good guys are also hosting a monster value tournament on 31st May for all cash game lovers.

The idea is to play as many cash games on the portal and earn 500 coins, the first 2000 players who hit the number will receive a free ticket to the 3LAC Special Freeroll.

These are just one of many dozens of fine online rummy tournaments hosted live on leading online rummy cash game apps in India. The best way to keep track of staggering tournaments like these is to download the rummy app and visit their game lobby to find the entire list of games running all day long.

On the contrary, you may also visit the promotions page on the official website of online rummy sites.

  • Secured from Cyber Threats

With the increased number of online transactions arrives the question of cyber security especially in online cash games apps. From fast deposits and withdrawals to maintaining bank-grade security, latest online rummy apps are well equipped with the essential tools to ensure your money is safe and secure on their platforms when you play for cash.

Online games for cash are the future of internet gaming in India. So, join the realm and hit the tables with your top notch skills today. It’s time to bust some stress and bring home some money while at home!

As India Gears up for Lockdown 4.0, Online Rummy Cash Games Continue to Receive Much Love by