Mangalyaan Reaches Mars; Proud Moment For India!

It is indeed a proud moment for all Indians. India’s Mars mission has finally become a success after Mangalyaan enters Mars orbit. Mangalyaan reached Mars today at 07: 56am and the whole country celebrated the greatest achievement by watching the live updates.

With this success, India makes a history by becoming the first country to enter Mars in its very first attempt. ISRO bagged the fourth position in becoming the space agency to reach Mars after US, ESA and Russia.

It has been reported that Mangalyaan has already sending signals and the very first image from the Mars has been received. It is indeed a very proud moment for all the Indians. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was present in Bangalore to witness the live updates of Mangalyaan reaching Mars orbit.

At 7:56am, ISRO announced the successful completion of MOM (Mars Orbiter Mission). PM Narendra Modi congratulated ISRO for its great achievement in its very first attempt and said that the day must be celebrated as Anand Utsav. He also said, “Mars ko MOM mil gaya.”

PM also added saying that this victory is the next step for accomplishing more challenges for ISRO and that it will create a new history in the world. Modi even recited a Gujarati poem he had written long years back and translated it into Hindi saying that victory creates new rivals.

It is to be noted that ISRO made use of only Indian technicalities available to make this history possible. Also, the total expenditure is also very low compared to that of the early achievers. ISRO has made this possible after years of research and hardwork.

NASA congratulated ISRO for its achievement and tweeted, We congratulate @ISRO for its Mars arrival! @MarsOrbiter joins the missions studying the Red Planet. #JourneyToMars

With this, India has become the first country in Asia to enter Mars. It has been reported that scientists will wait for another week before deploying scientific instruments on MOS. Now, we have to wait a little longer to see the pictures from Mars. Once again a hearty congrats to ISRO and all Indians.

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