This year we are witnessing a number of launches from the smart phone manufacturers. Expected to be the year of the low-cost smart phone which doesn’t compromise on quality, a trend started by the Nexus lineup of devices, and furthered by devices like the Moto X and Moto G. The Moto G is a great example of a smart phone that features everything people need, without putting a strain on the wallet. Check out the latest Moto G cases from Motorola available at online stores. You won’t see dazzling specifications that compete with the latest high-end devices, but that’s not something all consumers look for, and the very affordable price tag more than makes up for any shortcomings.

To help you get the most out of your smart phone, be it for protection or convenience, I would be rounding up some of the best accessories for the Motorola Moto G. You can get all the Moto G accessories at Flipkart. So Let’s get started!


1) Covers For Moto G

a) Color Shells

Shells are replaceable back covers for the Moto G, and Color Shells are exactly what the names suggests, back covers that are available in different colors. Color options include chalk, violet, royal blue, turquoise, lemon lime, and cherry (vivid red). While the customization available with the Moto G aren’t as extensive as what is available with the Moto X, in the case of the smaller smartphone, you have the option of numerous replaceable back covers in varying colors, and different features, that are called Shells. The purpose of these back covers isn’t protection, so if you’re worried about dropping your phone often, you’re better off picking up a protective case (see below). If you’re hoping to stand out in a crowd, Shells are definitely what you’re looking for.


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b) Flip Shells

Unlike the Color Shells, Flip Shells feature a flip cover that helps to protect the display of the smartphone. The strong and thick textured cover includes magnets that turn the screen off when it is closed, and on when open, and also features a cutout for the earpiece, allowing you to talk on the phone while the cover is closed. The Flip Shells are available in numerous color options as well, with the additional choice of black, along with all the colors that are available with Color Shells


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c) Grip Shells

The Grip Shell, as the name suggests, features a rubberized material that makes it easy to grip, and all covers the sides and the back the smartphone, including a slightly raised bezel around the front, to provide protection against accidental bumps and spills. It is definitely bulkier than the Flip Shell, but provides better overall device protection as well. Color options include chalk, black, lemon lime, royal blue, and cherry.




d) Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case

The Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit case is made from shock absorbent and scratch resistant TPU and adds practically no bulk to the device. A raised bezel around the front of the phone protects the screen while face down. Precise cutouts allow easy access to all ports, while the buttons are covered, but still easy to press. The Bugdroid Circuit is available in numerous color options, including black, blue, orange, pink, and purple to name a few.

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case for Motorola Moto G

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e) Otterbox Commuter Case

Otterbox is well known for its ultra-protective cases for smartphones. Unlike the heavy duty Defender cases, the Commuter series offers the perfect compromise between protection and form factor. The case features dual layer protection, silicone plugs to cover all ports, and easy access to to all buttons. If you’re worried about dropping your device often, the Otterbox Commuter will provide more than enough protection. Multiple color options include black/black, white/gunmetal grey, ocean/admiral, lavendar and lilac

 2) Screen Protectors

a) Veegee Matte Pack of 3 vg194 Anti-Glare Screen Protector:


Matte Finish dust proof and waterproof anti-UV high quality PET imported material safe for environment harmless to human body Three layers design keep middle applied layer clean and easy to be applied Can effectively absorb part of the direct impact to protect the display Bubble free and fingerprint free,

Washable and reusable Self-adhesive,

Easy removal without adhesive residual last log and not rub or fall off precisely and smoothly cut for your screen

Non-adhesive backing will not leave residue quickly and easily adhere directly to the screen


Motorla Moto G Cases

Motorola Back Cover:
Protects from Scratches

Access to Buttons

Protects from Bumps and Drops Cutout Window

It’s an official accessory from Motorola. In total 6 color options are there like Royal Blue, Lemon Lime, White, Violet, Vivid Red and Turquoise. It protects the phone from bumps and drops apart from scratches.

Key Features

  • Protects from Scratches
  • Access to Buttons
  • Protects from Bumps and Drops
  • Cutout Window

Motorola Flip Cover For Moto G

  • Protects from Scratches
  • Protects from Bumps and Drops
  • Cutout Window
  • Smart Sensor Triggers Auto Sleep or Wake Mode
  • Access to Buttons
  • 360 Degree Protection

It is another accessory from the House of Motorola. So there is no doubt about the fitting. It protects the phone from scratches and bumps and drops. Smart sensor also triggers auto sleep or wake mode. It also comes in Royal Blue, Lemon Lime, White, Violet, Vivid Red and Turquoise color options

One advantage of these two products is that, they are made by the Moto G maker Motorola. Flipkart, exclusive distributor of the company in India is offering some discounts to consumers if they buy Moto G with cover-case/flip-cover as a combo package.

Motorola Grip Cover For Moto G

It too comes as an official accessory for Moto G. It’s a rubberized grip that is capable of absorbing shocks and drops. It also provides additional gripping so that it doesn’t slip out even on sweaty palm.

  • Access to Buttons
  • Protective Rubberized Edge
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Protects from Scratches
  • Cutout Window
  • Protects from Bumps and Drops
  • TPU Material


Moto G has definitely a lot to offer its customers apart from the superbly cost effective Moto G , they are also pleasing their customers well with the a Pandora of  accessories !

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