Making money online is not something new. There are various games out there that you can try to earn big bucks. Now you can play and enjoy games while sitting in the comfort of your house and also win prizes from the same?

And as the pandemic has hit the country, the rage for playing games to earn money has increased manifolds. Sounds interesting? We think so!

Games are not limited to desktops anymore. People can play them on their mobiles as well. From fantasy cricket and rummy to Roulette and racing, you name it, you get it. However, you have to make sure that you know the rules and strategize the game well so that you can earn some cash.

The rise in demand for online games has forced the gaming industry to come up with really interesting ones with great visuals and gameplay.

And given the current situation, who doesn’t want to earn some extra cash? Keep scrolling down as we talk about the best ones.

Best online games to earn money in India


Being one of the best games to earn bucks, it is a trusted platform with hundreds of players worldwide. The game can be played in various ways on the basis of the competency level of the individuals participating in the same. It is the Indian version of Bingo or Housie.

It gives you an opportunity to earn as well. Whether it is a girl’s night out, kitty parties, or office picnics, this game can become the cherry on the cake.

It is played on a basic principle, the organizer calls a number, and participants have to strike numbers on respective tickets. This game is played differently in different parts of the world and is based on the competency level of the participants or players. It is played with numbers 1 to 90 being called out.

Real Money Quiz

This is yet another multiplayer live gaming platform where many people can take part and win attractive prizes. You will like it if you adore Trivia games, then you will love this one as well.

You can pick a tournament and use your skills by answering the questions.

The first step is downloading it, followed by paying from your wallet. You can play the game after that. After that, you can win and get some cash.

You have to select the right answer within 10 seconds. Before you register, make sure you check the details, winners, number of participants, etc. You have to pick a tournament and use your brain to answer certain questions. You will be paid on the basis of your ranking in the game.

Add this to your list to win guaranteed money. It is a brain-twisting game and you can enjoy your time while playing this. It has the best refund policy and you will get to play tournaments 24*7.

MPL Fantasy cricket

If you want to play fantasy cricket and win cash daily, then MPL should be your choice as it is safe, legal, and provides lots of options. The game allows easy withdrawal of money. If you have always been passionate about cricket – then this should be the game you play.

You will be able to build your own team. For starting to play, you need to choose a match and select your team. After that, you have to follow the game and collect your rewards. The game scrutinizes your cricket skills and knowledge.

MPL also offers other games such as Bubble Shooter, rummy, ludo, fantasy football, 8 ball pool, etc.

There has been a buzz about MPL Fantasy cricket recently because of its gameplay and easy to use features. Check it out now-

Spartan Poker

Completely legal and safe, it is a great platform to play online games and earn real money in India. We love poker games, don’t we? You need to hone your skills to play this one.

You can even get a huge amount of bonus when you sign in. The steps are easy. Let us take you through the game.

The first thing that we would like to mention is that this game needs patience. If you are a poker enthusiast, you will understand the game easily.

You can register and then download the application to play at your convenience. You can deposit the money and get rewarded after you win. You can even join the VIP club for extra features or benefits.

Test your analytical skills in the online poker game and earn cash.

Grab prizes without putting in much effort. It can be played safely and securely, which makes it a great platform to play for advanced poker players as well.

Gully Rummy

This is India’s most trusted rummy website and it is a great card game that allows you to earn prizes. The game is the brainchild of Pacific Gaming. Follow their Facebook page to know about the latest cash rollouts.

It has Daily 500 Freeroll and has been awarded as well because of its gameplay and excellent features.

So these are our top picks for earning money while playing games online.

However, we will like to ask our readers to check whether these games are legal in your state or not. Make sure you are above 18 years to play all these games. You should learn the rules before you start playing.

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