Must Visit Parks For Kids In Bangalore

Children are always more keen and interested to play rather than to sit idle and watch TV. But, these days’ parents find it so hard and lazy to take their kids out to play. They rather prefer to make their child sit indoor, watch TV, or play any other indoor games which does not give them much headache as well.

Today, it is Children’s Day. So, why don’t you just take out you smartie or your angel out to a park to spend some worthful time with your kids so that both of you can enjoy the day.

Here, I would suggest you to go to any parks if you are residing in Bangalore. Parks are the best places to explore the beautiful nature. There are so many neat parks in Bangalore, which also provide facilities for kids to enjoy. They will be having so many items in their play area, where the children can just enjoy to the maximum. So, let us have a look at some of the popular parks in Bangalore which can turn out to be a good hangout for you with your kids.

Nandavana Children’s Park

This park, situated in Jayanagar 4th block is the newest parks launched by the BBMP. It is said to have 14 varieties of play equipments for children. The main attraction of this park is a light fountain in the centre of the park that comes on at 7:00 pm and looks like electric fireworks! It opens at 9am in the morning and will be closed at 8:30pm. Check photos here

J.P Park, Mathikere

This park is a bit bigger one than the Nandavana Park. This park is divided into three sections and has been equipped with many play stuffs. It has a fish pond, rock garden with lots of greenery around that is pleasing to our eyes.

This park is closed during Wednesday s. It opens at 5am in the morning till 8:30am. It again gets opened in 5pm till 8:30pm.

Defence Colony Children’s Park, Indira Nagar

Apart from the play equipments, this park also provides a badminton area, rope bridge, tyre swings and rope swings, which are the most attracted items in this park.

R.V Road Children’s Park, Jayanagar

Apart from the walking area and benches, this park provides good play stuffs for children which include swings, a rope ladder and a horizontal ladder`. It is open from 4pm till 9pm.

Lakshmi Devi Park, 80 Feet Road, Koramangala

There are no much extra-ordinary things in this park, but it is a very neat and clean park, where you can leave your kid to play without any restriction.

Jawahar Bal Bhavan, Cubbon Park

Jawahar Bal Bhavan in Cubbon park is one of the most preferred parks by children. It has many play stuffs and it engages the parents as well with their Putani Express toy train ride. It also has Government Aquarium, variety of slides and swings and many more. It is also good for cycling for children during morning hours. The timings are from 10am to 6pm.

Kuvempu Park, BTM Layout

This park does not have much of play things but, is beautifully laid out with animal sculptures of giraffe, elephants, peacock, deer and a dinosaur! It also has a fountain. The park is opened at 5am and gets closed at 9am. Again it gets opened at 4pm in the evening till 8pm.

Sankey Tank Park, Sadashiva Nagar

Sankey tank is not only famous for its boating and the beautiful lake but also for the children’s park it provides. The whole of the area will be filled with pigeons and ducks, enjoying their food. We are not allowed to feed them, but to watch and enjoy them from a distance.

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