Must Visit Places During Navratri

Navratri celebrations are nearing and people have already started their preparations to celebrate the festival with great grandeur. Many places in India celebrate Navratri with much importance while at some places it is celebrated as Durga Pooja or Dussehra.

People come to their native during this festival, to celebrate it with their family. There are some places which celebrate the festival with much intensity, following pure traditional values. It is good to see all the custom and rituals practiced for the same festival in different parts of India. Let us have a look at some must visit places during Navratri to watch and enjoy the festival to its maximum….


Kolkata celebrates Navratri as Durga Pooja and it is one of the most celebrated festivals by the Bengalis. It is rather considered as the mother of all celebrations.  The whole place will be crowded with people and you can see just lights everywhere. The festival is celebrated for four and is celebrated to remember the victory of good over evil. It is one of the most lavishly spent festivals by the people there. You can visit Kolkata to see how it is celebrated.



In Gujarat, it is celebrated as Navratri. Ahmedabad is one of the best places in Gujarat to enjoy Navaratri. It is celebrated with high religious intensity in the state. Gujarat is the only state that holds a nine night dance festival Rasa-Garbas, Ddhande Ras etc. People gather together in large flocks to celebrate the festival. Authentic Gujarati food like dhokla, thepla, khakra and much more are easily available at the time of the festival.



Karnataka celebrates it as Dussehra. Mysore Dussehra is the most famous celebration to mark this. The famous Mysore Palace is decorated with more than 1,00,000 lights on the festival of Dussehra, giving you a chance to enjoy a rare visual treat that no other city offers. People eagerly wait to see the Ambari, where the idol of the goddess is taken to Banni Mantapa by Elephants.



In Delhi too, Dussehra is celebrated to remember the victory of good over the evil. People gather in large crowd at Ramleela Maidan to celebrate the victory of Rama over Ravana. Temples in the city are decorated with lights and flowers. The end of Ramleela marks the end of the Vijaydashmi. Dussehra is celebrated by burning down the figurines of Ravana, Kumbhakaran and Meghnad on the last day of the festival followed by sparkling fireworks.


Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh gives you the chance to celebrate Kullu Dussehra. It starts from the day of Dussehra and continues seven days after it. Local folks celebrate it with full intensity following their traditional custom. Dhalpur Maidan in Kullu Valley, where Lord Raghunath is worshipped is the main attraction of this festival. The end of the festivital is marked by burning a piece of wood and grass at the banks of river Beas.


Jammu & Kashmir

Katra is known as the Navratri capital of India. A lot of devotees flow to this place during the festival season at the holy cave dedicated to Mata Vaishnodevi to take part in the Navratri festival.



Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh celebrates Dussehra with the most traditional value. The Navratri celebration at Kanaka Durga temple of Vijayawada is celebrated grandly. On the Navratri day, goddess Kanaka Durga is taken out for a procession to the Krishna river. People stand in long queue to get the darshan of the goddess.


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