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Online Lingerie Shopping Takes A New Turn; An Overview of its Evolution [Infographic]

It is a solid fact that lingerie shopping is one of the fastest growing categories when it comes to online shopping and has a significant place in India due to the popularity of online shopping in the country. It is estimated to be a $13 billion industry, which is growing at the rate of 3.3% every year. This has led to the sprouting of many e-commerce startups worldwide, that sell solely lingerie, as well as a lot of new brands on lingerie are also seen. The challenges on this platform are becoming tougher day by day and the only way to stay in the market is by making the customers happy.

Due to the intervention of online lingerie shopping sites, people have started looking for more specified and personalized products which they find hesitant to ask in demand in an offline outlet. The choice varies from strapless bras to corsets and lace. CouponRani, an online coupon site, did a study on the evolution of Online Lingerie Shopping Behaviour. Here is a small peek-a-boo to the crazy lingerie world and see the evolution, key players, the growth of this industry so far.

online lingerie shopping

This graph shows that there is a lot of room for online lingerie shopping to grow. Online stores like Zivame, Pretty Secrets, Bwitch, Enamor, etc are booming in this platform.

online lingerie shopping in india

Zivame is the top-most brand in India at present. Though there are a lot of competition in this platform, Zivame has become successful in becoming the top-notch and most wanted online store for lingerie shopping in India.

online lingerie shopping at Zivame

Zivame ranks the top in terms of sales volume and visits. They also have the best quality products that make them rank top.

online lingerie shopping statistics

Apart from the above-mentioned lingerie stores who are key players, here you will find some niche players as well who are also competent with their products in this category.

lingerie shopping online

19th Century saw loin clothes, corsets to petticoats that were used as part of their lingerie.

lingerie shopping now

This graph shows the gradual evolution of lingerie from loin clothes to thongs and even wonder bras!

lingerie shopping in india

Privacy is the most concerned factor by women while doing online lingerie shopping. It makes them more comfortable and convenient.

online lingerie shopping at Zivame

Men do more lingerie shopping online than women!

online lingerie shopping behaviour

Stats claim that rural areas are more into online lingerie shopping than the urban.


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