Don’t let the lockdown blues get to you and dip your spirits. Learn to play online poker real money games and earn real money in plenty. We tell you how to pick the right game today.

The lockdown has changed the face of 2020 in more than one way. It has not just brought the world down on its knees seeking ways for respite from the smoldering COVID-19 pandemic but has also pushed most of us looking for money making sources online as the economy is on a standstill. As the cost to humanity turns unbelievable, this unfavorable condition has led many of us to an interesting urgent search for online real money games in India.

While social distancing has become the standard practice to combat this pandemic, online real money games in India are becoming the new norm to uplift our challenging economic condition. If you are out of the loop on this one, we are here to enlighten you on this recourse that’s helping people to bring in some good old cash home simply by investing their minds and a tiny portion of our money.

How to Make Money with Online Real Money Games

Online games in India have brought a smile to the face of many Indians during these difficult times as they happen to be excellent means to earn real money real quick simply by playing few games on your smartphone. Now, one must note that all online real money games in India do not have the same money making potential. So, you need to be careful when choosing to pick a game that rewards you for the time you spend online.

Enter Online Poker

Online poker is an emerging money making giant amongst online real money games in India. Unlike most popular card games, online poker can potentially inflate your account with decent earnings if you dedicate your time honing your skills for this mind sport. After all, nothing comes easy but the silver lining is the lockdown gives you sufficient time to learn this skill game, polish your skills and develop unique strategies to beat a pool of witty opponents.

Step 1: Learn Poker

Before we discuss further, here’s what you need to know. Poker is a skill based card game played between 2-8 players and demands command of a specific skillset- Mathematics, Reverse Pyschology, Decision making and Strategic Analytical Skills. One must use these skills smartly along with the help of certain beginner poker tools to climb the ladder of competition in this sport.

Step 2: Game Selection

As a beginner, game selection is top priority once you learn the rules and game play of online poker. Online poker real money sites in India feature different variants among which the most popular lot are Texas Hold’em poker and Omaha poker. Whichever variant you play, you need to choose the right kind of games to increaseyour win-rate in poker.

Which type of online real money poker games are ideal for beginners?

Online poker real money games are of various kinds and it could be challenging to choose the right game type as a beginner. Let us help you with that today.

  1. Freeroll Tournaments

Freerolls are the starting point for poker players who are learning the ropes of the skill game. Freerolls or free entry tournaments are online poker real money games that you can play without any entry fees. Some freeroll tourneys also require you to make a deposit while others offer guaranteed real cash prizes to top performers. An interesting option to build your bankroll for free!

  • Micro Stakes Tournaments

Micro stakes poker tournaments are another option for players who wish to switch to online real money cash poker games. These are excellent options to build your bankroll for minimum investment and win handsome money. Entry fees of micro stakes games start as low as INR 10-20 while the guarantees are big enough to raise eyebrows.

  • Cash Games

Cash games are ideal real money online poker games to earn quick cash on the go. Unlike tournaments where you need to grind for hours at length, cash games have no schedule timings and you can play, win real money and exit the game whenever you like. Cash games start for minimum buy-ins and feature static blinds. So, there you go!

Now that you know your options, let’s find out an ideal portal that can make your money making dreams come true during the lockdown.

Step 3: Portal Selection

PokerBaazi: An Online Poker Room that hosts free poker tournaments with real cash prizes

Choosing on online poker portal is crucial during the start of your online poker journey especially when you decide to play poker for real money. PokerBaazi (PB), on online poker portal has been hosting player-centric online real money poker games in India since 2014 with the aim to expand the Indian poker community and take online poker to newer heights.

Without a moment’s delay, enjoy the following games and poker tournaments on this portal right away.

  1. Unlimited Cash Games for as Low as INR 10

Online cash poker games are a stellar option to double your money for as low as INR 10. Cash games run round the clock and feature three popular game variants- Texas Hold’em poker, 4 Card PLO and 5 Card PLO. Blind levels are as low as 0.5/1 making them one of the best online real money games in India.

  • PokerBaazi Bankroll Builder Series (PBBS) 6LAC GTD

Looking to inflate your bankroll to 6 figures for as low as INR 15? Take part in PBBS this week on PokerBaazi and earn guaranteed real money. It’s a weeklong treat for low stakes poker players to gain wide tournament exposure across a series of 29 online poker money games and claim your share from this attractive guarantee. The PBBS also features exciting leaderboard prizes worth over 55000, register right away!

Besides these online money games, PB also hosts free entry tournaments with real money rewards that players can use to play cash games on the portal. So much so good, we suggest you download the PB app and kick off your online poker journey at once.

Wrapping Up

As you can gather, online poker is offering real time opportunities to earn money from the comfort of your home. Take this lockdown to learn this rising skill game in India and who knows, you might be the next poker pro bagging the champion’s crown!

All the best!

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