Play fun skill games like online rummy and cash in during the lockdown by contesting your good ol’ skills on the best online rummy apps in India. These times shall never come back, so make the most of it starting today.

As India launches lockdown 3.0, the sources of income of common citizens are becoming increasingly limited with each passing day. While the government relaxes lockdown restrictions by releasing selected sources of revenue, folks locked inside their homes are in a relentless search for partial sources of income during the prolonged lockdown period. In this light, online rummy games are turning to be a source of respite and income during these testing times.

Gaming portals like onlinerummy have used the internet wisely to up the stakes during lockdown and extend more value to both new and regular rummy players and expand the gaming community during these times of crisis. Games like rummy and poker are not only turning into decent proxy income sources but are also key to lifting the quarantine blues by allowing people to connect with fellow players during the game.

How to Play 13 Card Rummy Game

The internet has been a great source of relief, entertainment and income generation for most of us. In this regard, we shall talk about online rummy in particular and take a look at reputed gaming portals that have raised the stakes for Indian players by launching fresh string of high value rummy tournaments, cash games with incredible rewards and a whole array of promotional offers to notch up your game and enjoy great returns.

These promotional events running amok on trending online rummy apps and portals make playing rummy games totally worth your lockdown time.  Here’s a characteristic overview of the most popularly featured 13 card rummy game hosted widely on gaming portals and online rummy apps today.

13 card rummy game rules and features

  • 13 card rummy is played typically between 2-6 players online with a 52 deck of cards.
  • Each player is distributed 13 cards each and all players must strive to make valid combinations from them.
  • Valid combinations must include a pure sequence, impure sequences and sets of three cards or more.
  • One mandatory 13 card rummy game rules in online rummy games is the formation of a pure sequence to make a valid declaration.
  • A pure sequence is formed by combining three or more cards serially of the same suit, for eg, 4h, 5h, 6h. An impure sequence is formed by arranging 3 or more cards in serial order but can be different suits. For eg, 4h, 5c, 6d
  • A set is formed by arranging same ranked cards of different suit. For eg, 7h,7d,7c
  • A joker is a trump card that can be used to replace any missing card in a combination.
  • The first player to make a valid declaration by arranging all cards in correct sets and sequences becomes the winner and wins zero points.

Points System is 13 card rummy game rules

Unlike most card games, the 13 card rummy game rules state that all points scored as a result of losing a game is realized as penalty points that are translated to real money value in cash games accordingly.

  • All numbered cards carry same points according to the number. For eg, cards numbered 1-10 carry 1-10 points respectively.
  • All face cards such as J,Q,K,A carry 10 points each.
  • In cash rummy games, losing players lose money equal to the penalty points scored and winning players win all the money lost by his/her opponents.

These are the standard rummy game rules featured across all online rummy apps and portals in India. In fact, that’s pretty much you need to start playing online rummy today. The next step is to find a legit rummy portal that’s player centric at the core and benefits players of all measures by releasing incentives and rewards on every step of your gaming voyage.

RummyBaazi: An Online Rummy App Announces Rummy tournaments worth 6 figures

An online rummy app that goes by the name RummyBaazi, has been offering great value to rummy fans for a while now and has heated up the tables with lots of action round the clock. From cash games to high guarantee tournaments to awesome freerolls with real money rewards, the online rummy game app is on a rolling spree.

So, if you are considering to test your rummy skills during the quarantine, this online rummy app would definitely offer you more bounce for the ounce!

Here are some of its offerings rummy players can enjoy this month on RummyBaazi.

  1. 1LAC Sunday Special

A highly rewarding online rummy tournament that all rummy lovers can register for a buy-in of just 1000 and take a shot at this incredible prize pool every Sunday at 8pm prime time. Players have another entry option by making a deposit of INR 2500 on RummyBaazi to get a free ticket to the tournament. The deposit can be used to play cash games on RummyBaazi all month long and win more rewards.

  • Instant Bonus up to 10,000

Cash rummy games are even more rewarding this month on this online rummy app. It’s a call to attention to all cash game lovers to play as many games they can and earn between 0-50,000 coins to unlock exclusive VIP levels on RB. The VIP levels allow players to receive cashback up to 40% that’s a whopper 10,000 based on the VIP level one is currently staged at. Here’s how it pans out.

Bronze   5% (Up to 3000) 0
Silver   10% (Up to 5000)  500
Gold   20% (Up to 5000)  2000
Diamond   30% (Up to 7000)  10000
Platinum   40% (Up to 10,000 50000

Simply make a deposit of INR 200 or more using RummyBaazi super code, “VIPONLY” to receive cash back on your deposits. The more cash games you play, the more coins you earn, the bigger your bonuses get this month. So, shake a leg and hit the tables!

If you are interested to learn more about such awesome real money online rummy games and exciting promotions, visit their official website today.

Quarantine Thoughts

Gaming has forever been a source of joy and respite during stressed times and has effortlessly created some blissful memories over the course of our lives. The pandemic too shall pass and these idle times shall never come back, so we say, each of us turn this one to good account and cash in on fun skill games like these while we have the time.

Good luck!

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