In Pictures: Diwali, The Festival Of Lights!

Diwali is one of the most anticipated festivals by the people of India irrespective of religion. It is better known as the festival of lights. The word itself means a row or series of lights. It is a celebration where lights are seen everywhere including roof tops, pavement, doors, windows, shops temples and houses.

There is much significance for this festival. People are so happy that they do a lot of shopping during this festival. Most of the shops will be in queue, giving huge discounts on every product in their list. People do not hesitate to buy their favorite item even without discount. So, Diwali is also known as the festival for shopping and this is also the time when Diwali offers are flying everywhere.

A lot of people buy gifts to present their friends and family friends. They wrap it so beautifully and are so passionate to gift their loved ones. Gifts include sweets, chocolates, kitchen appliances, clothes, crackers, gold and silver jewelery etc.


Diwali is the festival of sweets as well. There are many sweets made in different parts of India particularly during Diwali. It include ladoos, mysore pav, halwas, pedas, katli, gulab jamun, jelebi, khoya and many more are in the list. Most of them are made with pure ghee to make it taste the best.


As mentioned above, lights play a significant role during Diwali. People lit their entire house, village and the whole country will be seen in millions of lights that spread the message of unity in diversity once again. The Diya decoration is a pleasing sight indeed. Apart from lighting diyas, there are Diwali special lanterns as well. People float diyas over the rivers as well. There are indoor as well as outdoor diya decorations.


Rangoli is yet another important factor during Diwali. People put different kinds of rangolis during the festival and decorate it with colors flowers and lights. Many Diwali special candles are now available in the market to help you make the most beautiful rangoli.


Most of the people wear traditional attires during the festival of Diwali. Women are seen wearing heavy embroided sarees with heavy stone and bead works, men wear kutis, children wear traditional dresses as well.

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People try to follow their traditional menu when it comes to food as well. Their dining table will be filled with traditional foods along with their favourite sweets. Most of them make those at home while some just shop it.


Apart from all these, Diwali is the festival to burst crackers and fireworks. Irrespective of the place, be it on the road or on the terrace or in the ground, people gather and burst crackers and fireworks are seen. It is indeed a great sight to watch it as it is done during the night. The whole family participates in bursting crackers, which bonds the relationship stronger.


So, as we see there are many things to see and enjoy during the festival of Diwali. People have already started shopping for the festival. Most of the merchants have already stocked Diwali items. So, what are you planning for this Diwali? Do light a diya of unity during this Diwali season and spread happiness and prosperity among the people.

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