Places To Visit When You Are Pregnant

Pregnancy is regarded as the most the happiest time in the life of a woman. It is the period which makes the life of a woman complete. When you realize that you are pregnant, a motherly feeling evolves inside you automatically. This happens to not only humans but also to animals and birds. It is a universal feeling.

Once you have become pregnant, you are likely to face so many restrictions from your husband as well as from family as not to do this, don’t eat that, do not climb stairs, drink milk a lot (probably you hate milk), do not stress out too much, do not run, do not sleep too much and many more. You may also be restricted to travel during the first trimester of your pregnancy. It is because the foetus is in its developmental stage and there are chances of it getting damaged if you stress sor shake it too much. So, do take care of yourself very carefully during the first trimester (1-3 months).

You can relax a bit once you enter your second trimester (4-6 months). This is the best time to enjoy your pregnancy. You can do slight travelling, can do exercises, eat healthy, sleep well, do little household works and many more if there aren’t any complications with your pregnancy. When I mention travelling, you are not supposed to stress out a lot as well. Make great sightseeing places as your destinations to travel, which can help you to relax and enjoy nature. Here, I would like to list a few places in South India to visit when you are pregnant, which are filled with the gift of nature. You can look for packages given by online travel sites like TripAdvisor, Musafir, Yathra and MakeMyTrip to avail discounts as well. Check them out…



Coorg is one of the most sorted places for honeymoon. So also it is the best place to visit you are pregnant as well. The whole place is surrounded with fog and mist and is beautifully covered with tea plantations. You can make yourself feel relaxed and can prefer to have morning walks with your husband. It is indeed a good experience to have. You will feel relaxed and fresh all the time with the soothing climate there.



Munnar is yet another wonderful place to visit when you are pregnant. Though it is quite difficult to reach there as it is situated in an elevated place, if you are healthy and your doctor says a ‘yes’, then, you must visit Munnar. Again, the place has tea plantations. The aroma of the tea leaves is so soothing that you feel to stay there for longer period. Presence of lakes, waterfalls, forests brings you and your soul close to the nature, gifting you a wonderful experience.

Poovar Island

Poovar Island

Poovar Island, which is close to the Kovalam beach is yet another must visit place during your pregnancy. It is the place where the sea and the lake meet. The whole place gives you a pleasing sight as well as a relaxation. The resort offers good food as well, which you can enjoy. Make sure that you avoid too much of salt during this time as it might vary your BP.



Any beach is a good destination for you during your pregnancy. The huge tides and the low tides make you feel happy as well as relaxed. Enjoy the beautiful sunset with your husband and have a light but healthy dinner as well to make the evening a happy one for you as well as for your new member.



Waterfalls are also a good choice to visit when you are pregnant. But, make sure that you do not go near the falls as the place will be slippery. Stay away from the falls and you can enjoy seeing the falls that makes you mind cool and calm. The sound of water will make you feel fresh indeed! Please make sure that you choose only small waterfalls as the huge ones might make you feel uncomfortable.

Before visiting these places, make sure that you are fit enough to travel. Carry the needed medicines and other precautions as well while travelling. It is better to carry food along with you in an air-tight container. Also, travel only if you are good health wise. Now, enjoy your beautiful moment to make it a memorable one with a pleasant trip as well!

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