How To Plan A Cost Effective Honeymoon Trip?

Honeymoon is the much awaited trip by a couple after their marriage. Some people plan their honeymoon even before getting married and even book for it. There are some others, who are not that open in their relationship prior wedding, who discusses honeymoon trip post marriage. Whatsoever, honeymoon is something where you need to spend a lot of money (though not as much as wedding. But still it depends on the place you choose).

I have heard many people saying the honeymoon apparently made them go bankrupt. To impress their wife, her family and relatives, every guy makes use of his honeymoon as a tool. He will make sure that he books his honeymoon to such a beautiful destination that when someone hears about the place, he will say wow! Then he will go on spending more when it comes to hotel, food, shopping and what not! It will be a surprise if you do not go penniless.

Now, it is good to go for a honeymoon so that the newly married couple gets some worth time to spend with each other, knowing each other better and much more. But, there are certain ways to plan a cost effective honeymoon trip. Check out those ways here…

  • Small Gap Between Your Wedding And Honeymoon: It is wise to have a small gap between your wedding and your honeymoon so that you won’t go bankrupt after your honeymoon is over!
  • Make Your Trip During Off-Season: It is no mandatory that the couple should have their honeymoon soon after marriage. Wait for a while so that you are out of the wedding expenditure burden and you can plan for a honeymoon during off season. Rates will be much cheaper during off season and you can have a pleasant time without much rush.
  • Sign Up Honeymoon Registry: This is a great idea for a group of friends to pool together and share the funds, avoiding too much loss but more enjoyment.
  • Make Your Spouse Aware Of Your Budget: Do not show off too much in front of your wife. Instead, make her aware of your income and your budget for honeymoon. This will help you save money.
  • Prefer Places That Are Less Expensive: try to visit places that are less expensive and comes within your budget rather than going to a very expensive place and spending more.
  • Prefer Trains: It is better to go by train if you have chosen any nearby places rather than booking flights as they are expensive. Train will give you more time to spend together.
  • Carry Less Luggage: If you are travelling by flight, make sure that you carry only the permitted luggage. Or else you will land up spending more for your luggage as well.
  • Pre Plan Your Shopping: It is better to make a plan in prior as to what things you are planning to shop from each place to avoid loss of money. Random shopping means more money will be spend.
  • Check For Offers & Packages: There are sites like Groupon which offers you great discounts on packages on honeymoon trips as well as for travel. Check out if there are any current offers for your destination.
  • Use Credit/Debit Cards: It is wise to use your debit/credit card for all payment as you might get some cash back offers. It can save your money.
  • Be Simple: Last but not the least is to be simple always. If you have a simple attitude towards your style of living, then you can manage your wedding and honeymoon expenditure together!
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