Pokémon Go, Prisma Make People Go Crazy Everywhere!

Pokémon Go, Prisma – Former is a game and the latter is an editing app for your photos and guess what the entire world is going crazy for these two. Now, it doesn’t matter whether you tried any of them or both, but you will be able to see it wherever you look. Both have made it to all the social platforms, making people go crazy about it that they search, read, download and experiment the same. Pokémon Go is still to be launched in India but people have already started playing this game by downloading the APK file! Now, this denotes the height of craziness for this particular game. And you will get to see ‘n’ number of photos created using the Prisma app across all the social platforms. So, how much you know about this and why are these two making so much of noise globally?

Well, Pokémon Go is nothing but a free-to-play game that is meant for iOS and Android apps, launched in July 2016. In this game the player creates his own avatar, uses the GPS to locate, capture, battle and train virtual creatures called Pokémon who appear on the mobile screen, making the player feel that they were also in the real world location as the player. The player can purchase additional in-game items from the app-purchases. Now, the game is not yet released in India and is expected to get a further delayed release. Meanwhile, India is seeing something else catching up the limelight ahead of Pokémon Go In India and it is the Prisma App!

Prisma is again a photo editing app, that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and transforms your photos into works of art using the styles of profound artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, Levita. The app also uses famous ornaments and patterns. With just a few edits to your picture, it will turn out to be a timeless art piece with this Prisma App. It has apparently made all the other filters look so lame and people are just crazy over their photo that just turned to be a piece of art.

All the social platforms like Facebook and Instagram have been filled with Prisma images and all of them tag their new picture with the hashtag #Prisma. There are also many trolls for these which claim that in spite of not trying these, they are still alive with the hashtag #Confession.

Now the question that pops out is that what makes people go so much crazy about these? Well, it is still in the discussion. Many people have confronted saying they have actually got addicted to these. While a group gets messy on the roads, creating havoc, accidents, and others posting Prisma pictures on all social platforms fill up the whole scenario a mess! Some claim that people turn out to be more nature conservationists with the Pokémon Go and some use Prisma app just to know how far their image can go artistic! This is called an epitome of craziness. This will survive till we get a new game/app that will drive the time for some crazy moments. Now, what could be that? Any guess?

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