Precautions To Enjoy Winter

Sleeping late hours irrespective of the time, feeling the cold breeze around you, misty atmosphere, feeling chill inspite of having covered with a blanket – all these factors are the indicators for us to be aware of the fact that this year’s winter has arrived.

You find it very difficult to wake up early in the morning, wish that if the day was a holiday, to enjoy leisurely hours at home, enjoying the beautiful climate surrounding you, making you lazier, and you just wish to start the day with a hot coffee or tea on your couch! Now, this thought only will make you lazier. Winter has arrived and these are the real natural signs for the same.

Winter is the most favorite season of mine personally and if I am right, it is the favorite of many. It is the season of Christmas, gifts, holidays, romance, New Year and other celebrations that are linked to the rest. People just wait for the whole year to enter the winter season to make most of their dream come true.

It is not to be forgotten that winter is also the time when there is extreme cold and you have to take the necessary precautions to make yourself feel comfy to enjoy the season. Apart from buying gifts, people also buy a large amount of woolen clothes, scarfs, swetters, blankets, quilts and many other products which can make you feel the warmth during the cold climate.


Apart from collecting clothes to protect you from the extreme climate, you should also take necessary precautions to stay away from disease that emerge during the season. Cold, cough, fever, sinus, running nose..long is the list and what not you get during this season. At times, there will be situations where you land up on bed with high fever, thus not able to enjoy the beautiful weather outside for which you have been waiting the whole year!


So, as a first step to fight against the cold climate during winter, always wear clothes that can help you feel warm. Keep all woolen clothes neatly washed after use because these clothes are more frequent to use the lint which apparently makes it rough. So when the next time you use it, it will be soft and will keep you warm and good. If you are allergic to the climate and if you are well aware of it, keep the necessary medicines ready for your safety. It can help you before in hand.

Retailers and merchants will keep in stock the necessary things that are needed by the consumers even before the season arrives. There are online stores as well, which will give you all the needed items at affordable prices. You can get the things you want if you claim it at the right time, which has good offers or coupons.

Coming to food, as we all know, nobody takes cold food during winter season. It is better if we avoid foods like ice creams, cool drinks and all such items that can affect your throat and health as well. Also, avoid oily food. Always try to eat food which is prepared at home or that are prepared fresh from outside. Also, try to eat such kinds of food which are easily digestible.


People tend to get more beauty related problems during this season. The skin becomes dry, withered, hair becomes frizzier, and lips become dry and chapped. It is always better to use a good body lotion or moisturizer to keep your body and skin soft. You can even apply oil on the skin to make it soft. Apply a good lip-balm on your lips from getting it chapped. Wash your hair thrice a week using oil and wash it off with a good shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair.


Always remember to cover your exposed parts when you go out in winter including your face, neck, arms and feet.

If you take care of your body as per the above said manner, I am sure you can enjoy this winter to its most without any hindrance. Share your experience during this winter here.

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