Rajinikanth’s Kabali Fever Created Terrific Waves Globally!

Finally, the much-awaited and much-hyped Rajinikanth starred movie Kabali got released globally today. The movie started its first screening in the US and according to reports that actor himself watched the movie here and even shared a review which is now doing the rounds on the internet. It is a surprising fact that not only common masses but even various organizations, private companies, etc. have gone far ahead this time for the promotion of this big-budgeted flick. A Rajinikanth movie does not need any hype, but certain doings by people make us feel that this is not the usual, but this is simply terrific!

Coming to the Kabali fever that is creating waves globally, a lot of things happened related to the same. Keeping aside the fact that Kabali is just a movie, this Rajinikanth starred film had made it to the headlines since weeks before its release and today, when the movie finally has been released, get to know the records the movie created before its release and to what extent people went.

The Biggest opening ever breaks Bahubali record!


Rajinikanth’s Kabali gets the biggest opening ever in the history of any Indian cinema with 4500 screens all over India. Apparently, Kabali breaks the record screening of Telugu flick Bahubali, which was released in 4000 screens. Apart from India, Kabali gets screening in 400 theaters in the US as well!

Companies declare Kabali releasing day to be a holiday!


Now, this is something that is very unusual. A holiday for any private firm on a Friday is a big deal indeed. But, certain private firms gave their employees the privilege to watch Kabali by declaring Friday to be a holiday. Some companies like FreshDesk, a Chennai-based Startup even provided their employees with free movie tickets! Now, this is amazing. There are even some companies who have booked cinema halls for their employees, have distributed movie merchandise including Kabali coffee mugs, T-shirts, etc.

Biggest Kabali Hoardings!


Most of the movies of superstars get a lot of promotion including big banners and hoardings but this time, Kabali surpassed all those creating a Neruppu Da feel intensive. This multi-lingual movie gets the biggest ever hoardings at every place including theaters, highways, main city junctions and others. It shows the real fever the movie has created among the people, the urge to watch the movie.

Ticket Price up to Rs.2500!


It’s a Rajini sir movie, and so we will watch it no matter what the price of the ticket it – this is the attitude of people. It has been reported that even five-star hotels had organized a 300 seater Kabali show for Rs.2300-2500, including food. This is the highest price for any movie released in India! But, later government suspended all the shows in hotels, which left the fans disappointed.

Top brands promote Kabali


AirAsia, Cadbury 5 Star, Amazon, ShopCJ, and Airtel participated vigorously for promoting Kabali, to ignite the terrific waves globally. AirAsia’s special Kabali flight flew from Bengaluru to Chennai with 160 passengers to let Rajinikanth fans to watch their favorite star movie on the day of its release. It is the very first of its kind. But, apparently due to the sudden change of venue, fans get upset and rage, leaving AirAsia embarrassed.

Chennai, Bengaluru, Kerala, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Gulf Countries in Kabali Fever


The excitement for Kabali movie is terrific in Chennai, Bengaluru, Kerala, Hyderabad, Mumbai and even in Gulf countries. Taxi services like Ola, Uber, etc. have provided coupon codes where people can enjoy up to discount Rs.100 on account of Kabali release. Bengaluru has the biggest clay statue of Rajinikanth in Kabali style put up at Nataraj Theater. Kerala will see Kabali screened in 300 theaters with a 24X7 affair. Actor Mohanlal brought the distribution rights for Kabali in Kerala for a whopping Rs 9 crore! The movie is even getting released in Nigeria on Sunday!

Vehicles go Kabali


GoBumpr, a Chennai-based car and bike service mobile app have done the Kabali look for employees bikes, have booked a theater for the employees to watch the movie and also provided Kabali T-shirts, mugs and they got the FDFS tickets! Even cars get Kabali makeover!

Now that the movie has already started getting reviews, we should wait and watch how the movie does at the Box Office. The producer expects the movie to gross a whopping Rs.500 crore! Wait and watch!

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