stressHow To Reduce Stress In Your Life?

Stress has now become the part and parcel of one’s life. It is indeed a great surprise if we hear anyone says I am stress-free, which is not a happening one. Now, have you ever thought what leads to so much of stress in your life that can even ruin the entire self within you?

Well, studies claim that stress is a result of our reaction to the challenges faced in life. If this is true, it means that people who say that they are stressed are not dared enough to accept challenges in life and proceed.

How does one know that he/she is stressed? Now there are various signs that show symptoms for it. Among them, anger is the main sign, followed by headache, sleepless nights, high BP, hardly any sex life and many more.

So, why do you want to keep that awful thing within you if you see so many negatives against it? Now, let us have a look at some of the tips that can help you to reduce stress in your life…

It is not always easy to keep oneself away from everything that is stressful. Things change according to your lifestyle as well. To be in precise, a stress free life isn’t possible for anyone in this world! So, the best way is to identify the factors that makes you fell stressed. Once you are aware of them, you can actually set your mind in such a way that those things can be avoided to an extent.

If one is not so sure about the real reason for his/her stress, try to mark those times when you actually feels stresses. May be after a week, you can just have a glance through your note and understand the reasons.

Once you are aware of the reasons, the next step will obviously be the cure to it. Try avoid taking too much of responsibilities and commitment in life. It will always prick and keeps you stressed.  The best way is to give priority to each of them and leave the rest.

Now, the next reason is the most important one. Try to finish off your work at the stipulated time. Lagging can cause stress. Postponing things will ultimately make you land in a position where it would be very difficult for you to control. Do not pile up things neither in your work schedule nor your daily activities. Make it a habit to finish off your work at the right time. This will make you a stress free person for sure!


Give sometime for yourself. Take a deep breath when you think that you are stressed. Leave all your work and responsibilities aside and keep your mind calm. Close your eyes and relax for some time. This will make you feel much better. It is also better if you take a walk around the place just to make yourself feel calm.

Always have a neat and healthy diet. It is very important to have a complete and balanced diet to make yourself fit and healthy. Try including fruits, dry fruits, vegetables, dairy products in your diet, which helps to maintain your body health.

Always try to sleep at the right time. Do not make yourself  busy during the sleeping hours. Your body needs rest after a tiring day. So, always take a proper sleep. Is possible, it is good to take a nap for atleast 15 minutes post lunch as well.


Lead a simple life. Too much of people in your life can make you feel stressed. Try to refresh your contacts once in a while which can help you to maintain relationships as well as to refresh you.

You are not a robot. So, do not try to handle too many things at a time. Also, try avoiding those people in your life whom you think can create problems to you.

Show courtesy to people if they have done anything good to you. This will make you feel better. Likewise, try to help others as well, which will make you feel good.

Try going out with your buddies or family for a vacation to such a place which will not remind you of your stress. Means, be online only to your family members and keep yourself offline for the rest.


Take out sometime for meditation. It can give a positive feeling in life. Listen to good music (your favorites), go fishing, read a book, watch a movie, play with your kid, help your wife, visit your parents, gardening – all this can help you to be away from being stressful.

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