Samsung Slash Down Prices For Galaxy Phones

Samsung, one of the biggest handset makers of the world, has slashed down the prices of their Galaxy phones in India. According to reports Galaxy Ace NXT, Galaxy Star Advance, Galaxy Grand Neo, Galaxy S3 Neo and Galaxy Note 3 Neo have faced drastic price cuts.

Samsung Galaxy Ace NXT and Galaxy Star Advance which was available at launch price for Rs.7,400 is now available for Rs.6,620 and Rs.6,790 respectively on the company’s online India e-store. The Galaxy Grand Neo, which was initially priced at Rs.18,450 had a price cut in April to Rs.17,100, will be now available for Rs.13,668. The Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo, which had a launch price of Rs.26,200 is now available for Rs.20,910 with a price cut of more than 5k.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo which was earlier priced for Rs.29,570 is now available for Rs.24,378. It is to be noted that it is the second price cut for this phone this year. The last one was made in August. Apart from these price cuts, Samsung had made a severe price cuts on their flagship smartphone Galaxy S5 in India a few weeks back.

Samsung Galaxy S5, which was earlier available for Rs.43,250, is now available on their official online store for Rs.37,500, with a drastic price cut of more than Rs.5.5k. Samsung Galaxy S5-LTE is now available at Rs.40,300. The earlier price was Rs.45,290. Both Samsung Galaxy S5 and S5 LTE-Variant were available on retail stores for sale in India at Rs.51,500 (April) and Rs.53,448 (July).

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