How To Save Money While Booking Your Flight Tickets?

I have seen people going frustrated when they want to book their flight tickets. So many queries disturb them while booking their tickets like if they are making their booking at the right time, are they getting a good and cheap offer or that how long should they wait to bag a reasonable price for their tickets? The list goes on…

The fact is that there are certain things that you should keep in mind before you get your tickets booked. If you are well aware how things work, then you can surely get the best deal. Here is listing some tips by which you can save money while you book your flight tickets.

Book AT The Right Time

Now, when I say right time, it does not mean the last moment. In fact, it depends on how far is your journey? If you are planning to have a trip three months later, it is wise to wait till then. Usually airlines announce their fares for booking 11 months in advance. So you can wait.

Low Fares

Some airlines have been seen reducing their fares to very a low price, to encourage more people travel by flight. And results were quite surprising. Many people bagged the offer. You should keep in mind that the airlines start off with their rates with the lowest price for the first 20 seats, then goes a little higher for the next 20 seats and this continues till all the seats are filled,. In short, the price will be more if you wait till the last moment!

Domestic Flights

The best time to book your tickets for domestic flights will be six weeks ahead your journey. You will probably get your tickets at a much cheaper price. It can fluctuate at times but, still six weeks and even a bit ahead can help you save a lot of money. Remember to book your tickets 21 days ahead your travel.


The demand for tickets will be more during holidays and vacations. So, the price of the tickets will also rise according to the demand. So, it is always better not to wait for the holiday months to arrive. You can decide on your trip a little ahead so that you can make use of the offers available then.

Cheap Days

Usually Tuesdays and Wednesdays are considered as the cheapest days to book the tickets. You can bid your best deal if you wait till Wednesday noon, when all the airlines will announce their fares after the discount. Now this might change if any festival happens o be on any of these days. Then the price will increase according to the demand. Hunt your tickets from Tuesday noon.

How To Save Money?

The best way to save money is to be flexible with the dates you are planning to have your trip. If you are fixed to particular dates, then it will be difficult for you to bid best offers and discounts. Alternate airports can also help you to save money if you are off for a long trip.

Check Before You Book

Check the ticket price before you book your ticket ad finalize for what all you are paying. Make sure that if the price is included other charges like baggage, food and beverages etc.

Online Booking Helps

Check online prices before you book your tickets. Most of the airlines give cheap and discounted prices online. There are sites like HappyEasyGo, MakeMy Trip, Musafir, Yatra etc which give you updates on cheap fares and latest offers and discounts on flight tickets.

Cheap Domestic Flights

AirAsia, Indigo, JetKonnect, SpiceJet etc offers tickets at much cheaper rates. Bag your deal at the right time. You have to hunt and pre plan your tip to bag the discounted rate on international departures.

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