How To Save Money On Your Electricity Bill?

The cost of living is increasing day by day that people are finding it very difficult to meet their two ends. In fact, they almost spend their whole income and hardly save anything. Be it the rent, tax, vegetables, fruits, water bill, gas, electricity bill – all have increased their value which has apparently put an ordinary man to struggle more.

Among them, gas and electricity bill have become the most hiked ones. You just get a blow on your head once you get the bill especially the electricity bill. However hard you try to save money in the month end, these surprising bills will loot all your money! Here I would like to suggest a few tips on how to save money on your electricity bill. Try these simple but effective steps so that you will be surprised to the electricity bill when it comes next.

Use CFL Lamps

It is advised to use CFL Lamps rather than using the ordinary tube lights as CFL consumes less amount of energy. It can save your electricity bill.

Switch Off Unwanted Lights, Fans

Do not mind switching off the usage of unwanted lights and fans. If you see any light or fan running without anyone using it, step forward and switch it off. It can help save a lot of energy and money.

Use Candles

Random use of candles is a good habit. Go for a candle light dinner at your home only sometimes. It can revive your romance as well as it can help you save a lot of energy and money.

Switch On Lights, Fans Wisely

Make sure that you switch on lights and fans wisely. Switch it off before you leave the room. Switch it on only if it is needed.

Make Room For Natural Light

Remove your curtains and open your doors and windows to let fresh air and light enter your house. Natural lighting helps you save a lot of money in your electricity bill!

Iron Clothes Once A Week

Ensure that you iron your clothes only once a week. If you do it every day, it can increase your electricity bill.

A/C Not Mandatory

Let A/C become not a mandatory factor for you. Use it wisely. Switch it off when it is not needed.

Use Grinder, Washing Machine When Needed

It is better if you use your mixer, grinder, washing machine etc in a minimal way. These machines consume a lot of energy.

Use Electricity Monitor

Check the quality of your meter recording system. Ensure that it is not running with false consumption of electricity that might put you in trouble. Check that the electricity monitor is running with right rating.

Unplug When Not In Use

It is always god to unplug when not in use. It is good for saving energy as well as for safety.

Minimal Use Of Water Heater

Water heaters consume a lot of energy. So use it wisely and make sure you switch it on for a minimal time and switch it off soon.

These are definitely some of the tips which you can follow to reduce your electricity bill. Instead of CFL, you can also prefer LED lights as well.

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