Savings Tips For Your Kids’ Birthday Bash

Kids’ birthday celebration is something one cannot put aside even if you are broke for the month. It is not a fair deal with your child to skip his/her birthday celebration which they had been waiting for since a year. But, money is all that matters when it comes to birthday bash.

Parents try to get the best cake, host party, get new outfits for the birthday boy/girl, invite friends and families and celebrate it in the grandest style. They will be quite shocked once they sit aside and have a look at the expenditure for the bash post party. Now, the fact is you can save a lot of money though you celebrate birthdays of your kids in any style. Have a look at some tips on how to save money on your kids’ birthday bash.

Plan Your Budget

It is better to plan a budget before you host any event or party. It can help you to have a clear idea on how much can be your maximum expenditure and what are the essentials needed. You can skip many unwanted things if you list the budget.

Only Essentials

Make sure that you buy only the essentials. Kids will have their own fantasies. But, make them understand about your financial status and try to convince them. This can help you save money.

Creative Decoration

Go for creative and good decoration. Do not buy expensive decorative items. Do not make it a place for show off. Try to experiment with colored papers for decoration. You can also include balloons. It will look neat and will be inexpensive too. Make happy birthday cards and make your child and friends color it. It will build up team work and will be fun as well.

Guests List

Make a list of the people to be invited for the party. This can help you know to decide on how much quantity of cake and other food items should be served at the party. Invite only the most needed people.


Do not buy expensive gifts for the kids. They hardly know the value. Gift them any soft toy or anything that comes in a minimal range. Any gift makes kids happy. Check out gifts in our stores Babyoye, Flipkart, Amazon etc.

Make & Decorate Own Cake

If you are good in cooking, or if you have any friend who is interested in baking, make the cake likewise. It will be more cost effective rather than ordering it from a big bakery. Also, try to decorate your own cake. You can also get cakes at reasonable prices online from stores like noidaflorist, JustBake etc.

Host Party At Home

Rather than spending more on a rented place, host the party at your own house or your lawn. If you do not have so much space, then you might look for place which gives party hall for free if you order food from them.

Make Own Invitations

Prefer to make own invitations. Include your child’s participation as well in this activity.


Avoid DJ party and try to play your own music. May be you ask your child or his/friends to sing, dance etc.

Create Own Games

Rather than playing video games, make more fun by making your kids play creative games. Bring in creative games – both outdoor and indoor.

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