How To Shop Wisely During Festival Season?

India is a country famous for its unity in diversity. We follow secularism, which makes us unique among other countries in the world. We have many religions, customs, festivals, tradition, rituals, marriages, etc and this entire together bond the people of our nation with a single thought that we are Indians. Since we have different religions, we do have ‘n’ number of festivals associated with each of our religions.

In the month of August, we celebrated festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami and Ganesh Chaturthi. September started off with Onam and now, we are almost nearing to celebrate Dussehra, Durga Pooja and Diwali. Now, shopping during festivals is an unavoidable factor. Let us list some methods where we can shop wisely during festivals.

Festivals are those times when all the family members try to gather together at their hometown, to celebrate it with the full intensity by decorating the house, buying gifts, sweets, new clothes for the whole family etc. But, the recent increase in price has made the people scared even to think of shopping. The income has not shown any significant growth for most of the people but the budget of the commodities graph is going far high. How can do a wise shopping with the limited budget to make our festival shopping the best experience?

The first thing we should consider is our necessity. We should make a list of things that are to be brought during the festival season. Try not to list the least important commodities that are of any use during the particular festival. Consider all the family members and make the list that comes in within your budget.

Secondly, try to avoid preferring big and branded items in your list. You get the same items, with a better and affordable price in other shops as well. You just need to have that patience to find the right shop to get your things at the most affordable price.

Try buying sweets from normal shops. If you have patience, try making them at your home only and gift-wrap it yourself. It makes the family bond even stronger when the other family members think that you have done all this by yourself for the sake of them.

Go for wholesale shops to buy clothes and apparels during shopping. Or, you can even try for purchasing it through online because the online stores will be offering more discounts on all the items during festive seasons. Online stores such as Amazon India, Flipkart, FlowerAura, etc are having Diwali offers with huge discounts. So, you can do a wise shopping sitting at home, and can please the whole family with a single click.

Before buying anything, try to figure out the exact value of the commodity. Different shops quote different price for the same item. So, it is better to have a random check of all the things you want to purchase before in hand, to avoid getting cheated. Do not go for purchasing when you are too busy. And also, do not purchase everything from the same destination. Try out varieties to get the best.

Try to be with the family during the festivals, enjoying every moment and special event of it rather than going out for a holiday. You will surely miss many things if you are one among this category. Try to dine with your family members by preparing your favorite menu at home. If you are so particular to go out and dine with family, then you might choose a reasonable restaurant that serves good food.

So, now we are awaiting for our next festivals- Dussehra , Diwali and Durga Pooja. Try out these tips and you can find how economical things are. The end of the year marks Christmas which is yet another biggest celebration. Do celebrate each festival wisely so that you can spend on all equally and be tension free.

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