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Are You A Short-Tempered Person? Get Out Of It!

Anger is a normal reaction of every human being. To be precise it is a healthy reaction of a normal human being. A person who does not get angry cannot be regarded as a normal person, clinical studies say. But, there is a way to deal with it. Uncontrolled anger can get you nowhere; instead it can keep your favorites away from you.

Anger is the best way to throw out the inner stress and strain within you, but if it is beyond the limit then that is also not good. So, are you a short-tempered person? If so, get out of it!

Here are some simple ways to get out of from your anger. These are just tips. You have to make up your mind first to get yourself out from the clutches of short tempered nature. Now, read long to see how you can get out of it…

Think Before You Speak

Now, it is always not possible to think for a while and then start speaking especially when you are very angry. Anger spoils the mood of the person as well as all other people around you. But, make it a habit and try to think a while before any action. It can keep you away from many awkward moments as well.


When you are angry with a person, it is always not necessary that you should tell him/her in an anger note. Instead, you can sit calmly and speak to the person saying that you dint expect that from him. It makes difference.

Express Anger Without Hurting

There are different ways of expressing your anger. You can just shout at the person whom you are angry with or avoid a person. That is not a solution, but it will make things more complex. Tell him/her that you are angry with her and justify your reason as well. Give him/her the space to convey their point as well.


Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and meditation can help a lot in getting out the short-temper within you. It makes you think more calmly and wisely, not to over react which is the biggest disadvantage of a short-tempered person. It can make you feel relaxed and feel good. Also, it can help you get more people around you.

Yoga & Meditation

Regular Exercise

Doing regular exercise can help you in getting out from your short-tempered nature. Exercises make you feel all the more cool and fresh. It can relieve you from all the pain as well. It can boost your energy level. All this can help in getting a change within you, which can help you to curb your anger.

regular exercise

Identify The Reason

If you are a person who gets angry very easily, try to identify and understand the reason for your anger. If it is for the same reason always, try to avoid such situations in future. If it is for varied reasons, try to rectify it after counseling.

Identify The Reason

Avoid Grudge

Grudge kills your relationships. So, always kill your grudge. Do not keep an angry mode for anyone. Try to develop forgiveness within you and it can get you peace as well as more people around you.

Avoid Grudge

Try To Learn From Situations

Always try to learn from situations. It is not possible in a single try. But, keep on trying your best to get the control over your emotions. Try not to repeat the same mistake every time.

Try To Learn From Situations

Accept Your Mistake

When you are calm, try to accept your mistake rather than blaming the other person. Accepting one’s own mistake will make you feel better as well as the other person.

Accept Your Mistake

Be Jovial

Try to be jovial all the time. It can help you release the stress within you. Watch comedy movies; go out with family or friends to make a happy mind inside you. I am sure you will feel good and will be free from all stress.


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