Survey On Changing Offline Shopping Behavior – 92% do online price and product research while buying at a brick & mortar shop/mall.


  • 92% claimed that they either make a price comparison, compare products and read reviews of the products on their mobile even while they are inside a shop/store.
  • 67% prefer to use mobile for shopping electronic goods and consider it as the favorite medium for online research of the product (72%).
  • Competitive price, discounts, the variety of products & knowledge of the salesman play key roles while shopping in-store.
Survey On Changing Offline Shopping Behavior
Survey On Changing Offline Shopping Behavior

The increase in ecommerce adoption and the instant availability of product information, reviews, and real-time pricing has shown a considerable impact on the shopping behavior of consumers. A consumer looks for various factors while shopping. We tried to discover to what extent the offline shopping behavior has been impacted due to online shopping.

We conducted a recent survey of Online Shoppers who visit our site – which revealed a few key insights.

  • A consumer does a price comparison on his mobile even when he is inside a shop. He even compares it to similar products online and some even check for online reviews. Only 8% of the consumers hardly make nay price comparison!


  • Mobile Phone has become the favorite medium for shopping electronic goods. Consumers feel that it is more convenient and time-saving than using a tablet/desktop. But, 48% preferred in-store/in-shop for buying jewelry.Infographic_05
  • A majority of consumers prefer online shopping instead of the brick & mortar shop or a mall if the same product is available at both places. It reveals the fact that online shopping is most preferred regarding convenience and discountsimg-8
  • 54% Consumers consider competitive price, offers & variety of the products as the most important criteria while shopping offline. Knowledge of the salesman is also considered as a vital by online shoppers.Infographic_002
  • Electronics & Clothing still the favorite categories for online shopping: Electronics & Clothing still go hand-in-hand when it comes to the favorite category as well as for the most spend! It is mainly because of the huge discounts they get online and also for the varieties.Infographic_08
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