Things To Be Careful While Doing Online Shopping

Those days where we go out with the whole family and take hours and hours at each destination, shopping for the entire family has almost come to an end. It’s now the era of e-commerce boom and now most of the people prefer to do online shopping where you get huge offers from online retailers such as Amazon India, Snapdeal, Jabong, Jack & Jones etc.

Now, the reason for the same is simple. It is because people do not have time to go out and purchase. Also, it is not necessary that you get what you want in one shop. Online shopping makes your work simpler by giving many stores which are popular with many big brands as well and also with exciting offers, coupons and discounts – all at one place!

People prefer online shopping because they find many options for their favorite product at one destination. Moreover, they can select the brand, color, do price comparison, getting free delivery (sometimes) and many more. But, all this comes with high risk factor which most of us are unaware of. Though all are aware of the phishing mails and the after effects of doing a transaction on an unsecured site, using public computers and shared Wi-Fi connections, many people hardly care about such stuffs.

It has been frequently seen that most of the online shoppers use their primary email account for doing online shopping. And, many of us might have saved our bank details, passwords, financial statements and much other personal stuff in this account. So, there is a high risk factor using this account for shopping online. So, always be on the safer side if you are an aggressive online shopaholic by buying an identity theft insurance cover.


Always do shopping from such sites which are having good privacy policies and settings. There are many sites which ask you give your personal information to proceed shopping. Be careful with those and give only those relevant information which you think are needed to make a purchase. Do not click agree to certain terms and conditions of any such sites and give away your personal information as many E-merchants share your information .

It is to be kept in mind that the safest way to do online shopping is to opt for cash on delivery.  This way, if you are shopping at a new site, you are guaranteed that the product will arrive and you can pay after you get the item. But, do make up your mind before ordering. If you cancel a lot of orders that are COD, the E-commerce companies may blacklist you, and not service you.

If you do not have COD available, you can choose the credit card.  They have protection against any fraudulent transactions, and you can dispute a charge that was not shipped to you.   But, always remember to keep your credit card limit in mind, and ensure you do not spend more that you can afford.  While the credit card companies may have EMI offers to reduce your monthly payments, but research carefully. Usually the interest rates on the credit cards are very high, so it is best to pay the full amount upfront. Do not shop immediately you find the moment you see your product on the site, and avoid impulse purchase.

Do not fall for the discounted price shown on any of the sites at a glance. Please compare and check the exact MRP and exact discount for the product you are about to order. Several times the site may have an incorrect discount rates, due to a different list price. Also, check the current price of the product in the offline market, before making a high value purchase which can guide you to get the best deal available.

Another source of valuable information about websites and product is reviews.  Research the reputation of the website by reading reviews. Keep in mind, more people are likely to write negative reviews than praise the company, so take the reviews with a pinch of salt.   The product reviews can also be very useful before you make the purchase decision.  Keep an watch for fake reviews.  Its is hard to identify those, but some sites like TripAdvisor, may have a reviewer rating, so that you could use those to identify real genuine reviews.


Keep a note about the site you are making a transaction. Clarify if it is the seller itself or just a marketplace for selling the products by various third party vendors.  Lot of the times the complaints that are generated are for third party vendors listing on the site.

Now that the festival season is round the corner, what are you waiting for? Do a lot of online shopping as now you have the perfect guide to do the safest online shopping!  And dont forget to check our site for latest deals and coupons for online shopping.

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