Things That Prove You Are Not A True Fashionista!

Fashion is something that has become an obsession for many. People just go crazy for all that is trending and try to implement the changes in them to prove that they are fashionistas to the core and are moving with the world. But, there are certain kinds of people who lack this passion. It is not that they are not fashionable but, they do not bother about the age of their fashion sense.

Are you a real fashionista or not? How will you analyze it? There are certain things that can say if one is a fashionista to the core or not. Have a look at these simple yet true things that might help you to analyze yourself to prove that you are not a true fashionista…

Always Comfortable In ‘Only Jeans’

You just do not care about what occasion you are going to attend but, you always wear your favorite jeans along with a top and sometimes with a jacket as well. This is more like a dress code for you wherever you go. It seems like you hate to try anything else.


Wow! That’s a cool new hairstyle. It all ends with this appreciation. You never bother to try any new trending hairstyles and are happy with your daily style that makes you look no way different any day.

I Hate Heels

OMG! How can I wear the heels for such a long time? This is one of the most haunting thoughts you will be having whenever you are asked to wear a high heel. It makes you feel so uncomfortable and you might feel a little concerned while walking.

I Hardly Wear Makeup

You will not be comfortable with all those brushes wiping all over your face with blushes, mascaras and liners. You are happy with just an eye makeup and that too occasionally.

One Pair Of Shoes Is Enough

You are so comfortable wearing a single pair of shoes with all your outfits and do not even care if it syncs with what you are actually wearing!

Accessories Are Not In My List!

If you are a person who does not buy matching accessories, then you are not a true fashionista. It means that you are not bothered of even buying or wearing any accessories with any of your outfits.

Grey Hairs Are Also Fine

Grey hairs are fine with you. You do not feel comfortable coloring your hair. Some might prefer henna but even that is a tedious task for them as someone should really push them to get it done.

Odd Among Friends

You will always look odd among your friends circle. You will always keep that casual look for every occasion and even not bothered with what they do in the group.

No Social Networking

You will be a person who will not be active on social sites which has created a great impact among the youth these days. You keep saying I am not interested.

No Selfies

And finally, you will be one such person who is not obsessed with selfies. You may not be even having a selfie capturing phone, which is nothing new now!

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