Tips For A Balanced Diet

Each one of us knows the reason why we eat. But, how many of us are even bothered about the kind of food we take? We never think of the nutritional facts and the need for it when we eat unless we get lacked of it later. Everyone knows that we are supposed to have a balanced diet in our daily routine. It is important to have a balanced diet in order to get a healthy and good life.

We are rid off tiredness and other diseases if we follow a balanced diet in our routine. We have to select the needed amount of nutrition from our varied food system for the balanced diet. It means eating certain things in moderation including saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, refined sugar, salt and even alcohol consumption.


A balanced diet will have appropriate amount of calories from your intakes including fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, grains, rice, sweets, juice and the rest. Now, you will be surprised what is the importance to have a balanced diet? A balanced diet is really important as our body’s organs and tissues need proper and balanced nutrition to work properly and effectively.

Obesity, diabetes, cardiac arrest, cancer, kidney failure etc are some of the after effects of n unbalanced diet. Now, let us look at some tips to make sure that you have a balanced diet each day, to make you feel strong and healthy for a better living.

Try to eat atleast one fruit a day. Eating fruit means not to go and buy only orange or apple. It can be any seasonal fruit available in the market. Any fruit is good for the health. Fruits should be fresh. It can be an orange, apple, banana, guava, pomergranate, grapes, kiwi, chikko, sabarjali or any other fruit easily available in the market. It can be your snack as well, avoiding the fried chips and samosas to have a healthy and nutritious one instead.


Include more vegetables in your diet. If at all you are fond of non-vegetarian diet, make sure that you include veggies as well in your daily diet. It will give you the needed vitamins, minerals and all other needed for a balanced diet. Eat more greenly foods and it can keep you away from getting diseases as well. Veggies solely can provide you the needed nutrients.


Try to have protein rich food atleast thrice a week. These include egg, meat, soya, peas etc and are a rich source of protein.


Try to include dairy products like milk, curd, fat free cheese, butter etc in your diet on a moderate level. It can help you with the needed calcium, vitamin D and other essential nutrients. It has been seen that people take skimmed milk for the fear of putting on weight. But, t has been reported that skimmed milk has no nutrients to provide and so take milk which has fat with a little water added to it, to reduce the fat level.


Use salt in your daily diet on a minimal amount. Too much of salt can lead to many diseases. Eat foods that are high in fat and sugar on a minimal note as well. They can either make you obesity or diabetic.


Taking into consideration all these factors, you are sure to have a balanced diet indeed, having the essential nutrients need for the proper functioning of your body at its best. But, solely this will not help you. Do regular exercises, drink lot of water and avoid eating junk food all the time. You are sure to have a healthy long life ahead if you follow these steps regularly.

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