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Tips To Have A Financially Happy Marriage Life

Marriage is one of the most cherished moments in the life of a person. From the time a guy starts earning, he will start saving for his future which is finally nothing but a marriage. He would love to spend a lot to his grand day the best in his life. This is applicable to the girl too. Wedding means expenditure and no one tries to save a lot during this time. There are certain ways to save money in weddings as well. We will look into it at a later time.

Now, once the marriage is over, things begin to change. You become more responsible in every way. You finally become the decision maker in your family, who keeps an account of everything that happens inside the family – be it the income or the expenditure and what not! When it is all about money, few couples are soul mates. For them, one will be a spender and the other will be a saver. There are even situations where either both are spenders or savers, one is conservative while the other is a risk-taker. Confusions prolong to such an extent that finally things just don’t work from within. Now, here are certain tips to follow to have a financially happy marriage life.

  • Recognize Each Other: It is very important to recognize each and understand. There is a room for more than one attitude to play always after marriages. Understand the fact that each person has his/her own view points and accept it rather than being stubborn. Stubbornness helps you reach nowhere.
  • Mutual Decision: It is always safe and good to take mutual decisions when it comes to financial settings. If you plan to invest in something, have a talk with your spouse and ask his/her opinion too. It makes the partner feel that you value his/her opinion.
  • Invest As A Team: It is always a wise decision to invest as a team rather than investing individually. If you and your spouse each have a workplace retirement savings plan, sit down together and decide on a portfolio mix that uses both plans’ investment options. This can avoid further confusions in future.
  • Share Expenditure: If both husband and wife are earning in a family, then it would be great if you share the expenses. Make a common account for expenditure and contribute to that account every month rather than spending for self. The person who earns the most shall contribute more than the person who contributes less in a month. It is always better to take an average of what you earn every month.
  • Own An Account: It is always better to keep a self account where you can spent your money without anybody interfering. One should always have his/her own privacy for sure.
  • Talk To Each Other: Spending is secondary while the prime factor is communication. If proper communication is there between the spouses, then most of the money related issues can be solved easily.
  • Fewer Complaints: It is always wise not to complain and argue too much on money related issues. But, it is always good that you jointly decide before doing any action related to money to avoid future complaints and fights.
  • Investments: It is good to invest money for long term plans which can be helpful for the future. If spouses work for private firms, then chances of risk is more. So, it is always wise to save money every month to avoid sudden financial crisis.
  • Support Each Other: Life is not a bed of roses. Though all of us know this fact, we are not ready to accept and face it when it comes to our life. When there is a financial crisis in the family, support each other and console rather than complaining.
  • Do Not Keep Secrets On Money: It is always good not to keep any secrets related to money from your spouses. Financial infidelity can cause some deep rifts in a relationship.
  • Look In The Same Direction: The goal set for future should be the same. Try to achieve a single goal together. This helps in strong bonding between each other.
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