Tips To Prevent Dandruff On Your Hair

“OMG! You have dandruff”. Now, this would be the most terrible words that you would not like to hear from your family or friends. Hair with dandruff means you are not a person with clean habits. This is the wrong mentality that people have in their minds.

Dandruff is nothing but the shredding of the dead cells from your scalp.. A small amount of flaking is quite normal but it should be treated if the shredding is too much. It results to irritation and itching. You see small flakes falling while you comb your hair which indicates that you are suffering from dandruff.

The disadvantages of getting dandruff are many. The foremost is being our self a specimen in front of others. You tend to have a tendency to itch your hair all the time, making the flakes appear on your hair. Again, it damages your hair, resulting in weaker hair and huge hair fall. According to a 2012 article in the International Journal of Trichology, after about 45 minutes of scratching your scalp, the cuticle dislodges and hair fall happens.

Now, there are certain tips to prevent dandruff on your hair. Let us have a look at some methods to prevent dandruff.

Use of Anti-Dandruff Shampoo


Now this is one of the most common methods that each one of us follows. There are many branded products available in the market that claim of having the ability to prevent dandruff from attacking your hair. Several active ingredients such as zinc pyrithione, salicylic acid, sulfur, coal tar, selenium sulfide and ketoconazole are present in these anti-dandruff shampoos that can help in removing the dandruff from attacking your hair.

Use the shampoo twice a week and wash them the conditioner as well. Repeat this for about two to three months and you can see a lot of difference. Also check these tips on How to Remove dandruff.

Do Not Scratch Your Hair


If you have dandruff on your hair, please do not scratch your hair. It will make your scalp even drier and make flakes fall on your dress, making it more visible to others. You might become a laughing riot for others. Keep your comb, towel and all personal belongings for hair separate and should not let others to use it.

Try Out Home Remedies


It is always good to try some natural and home remedies to keep yourself from dandruff. Things like lemon, fenugreek, egg white, hot oil massage, neem, vinegar, baking soda, aloe vera etc., can help in removing dandruff from your hair, keeping your hair look more shiny and beautiful.

Change Lifestyle And Habits


Dandruff can also come due to unhealthy lifestyle and habits. If you do not care for your hair and clean it, there are chances of getting dandruff. It can even destroy your hair if not treated properly.

It should be kept in mind that a healthy mind and body are also needed to have a healthy life ahead. You should sleep atleast for 8 hours a day. Tie or comb your hair only after it gets dried. Do not use dryer unless it is very necessary. Also, it is good to do a spa hair treatment once in a while to give more strength to your hair.

There are many other things to be taken care of other than the above mentioned methods. If still the problem comes, then it is better you consult a doctor. Too much of dandruff on hair can cause pimples on your face and also dandruff can spread on to your eye brows as well resulting in hair falling. So, better late than never!

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