Tips On How To Save Money During Night Outs

Tips On How To Save Money During Night Outs

Parties and night outs are always a part of youth life. There is not even a single youngster who bears a past without attending a single party! It is a fact that younger generation spends more and kills more time on enjoyment and parties and they do not hesitate to spend any amount as well. But, partying a whole night like there is not going to be a life tomorrow is merely a kiddish behavior.

Partying has become one of the most common factors among the youth. But, it is also one of the ways to make your wallet go empty. You can save your wallet if you do some tricks. You can save your expensive nights and can go for an enjoyable night out with your friends this time if you follow some simple tricks. Check them out…

Go For Pre-Drinks

Go For Pre-Drinks

Now, this is something interesting. Get brewed a bit even before you start off from your doorstep. It is not mandatory that you have only ‘hot’ but you can even go for fruit juices. It can cut your cost while you are out and you won’t get boozed too much.

Avoid Food

Avoid Food


It is better to avoid food while you go out and that too in groups. You can either have a slight round before stating or may have them ready for the time you are back home. This can help you save a lot of money.

Be Early

It will be good if you reach the club early. It will help you skip standing in long queues, from ransom entry fees etc. Pubs give you free entry before the scheduled time most probably. Check it out with the pubs you prefer and do accordingly.

Do Not Carry Your Credit/Debit Cards

Credit-Debit Cards

It is rather a risky task to carry your credit/debit card along with you while going for night outs. You may have a tendency to spend too much with the card in your hand. It can make you spend a lot.

No Rounds

no rounds

A single shot may not satisfy you much. It can tempt you go for many more rounds. It is fun then but not when you see the bill. So, it is good if you avoid more rounds or shots.

Avoid Weekends

Weekends can be more expensive when compared to week days. Plan you night out in any of the week days and you can see the difference. It is less expensive and cheaper too on week days.

Look For Offers/Discounts


Check for online coupons that can get you price discounts. Sites like Groupon offer on unlimited brewing for an unbelievable price. Also, there are pubs that offers unlimited drinks, tasters etc., for special discounts. Prefer them if you are in groups. You can enjoy more at a much discounted price.

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