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Try These Online Stores To Enjoy Your Taste Buds

Yummy food is something that one cannot resist even if you are on a high diet! But, sometimes you miss that feeling if you are staying away from your home. To save your taste buds, a lot of online stores have popped up with fantastic food. Try these online stores to enjoy your taste buds and to feel home.


online food ordering stores
Are you crazy looking out for yummy famous local taste? If so, FoodsHub is your one stop solution. Their recipes come from the oldest kitchen and is sure to bring to you mouth-watering dishes that you have been longing to taste.


Soothe your tongue with an ultimate taste with one and only It offers you countless dishes with just a simple search. You can also choose from a variety of cuisines and the delivery is much faster and convenient.


download (1)Feeling hungry? Not to worry, for the Foodwalas are here to pacify your hunger through their exotic collection of food stuff starting from snacks, nankeens, sweet dishes, dry fruits, seasonal dishes, ice creams, cakes and pastries and much more. The stuff delivered are very much available at cheaper rates as compared to the markets.


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BioFood is a reputed company known for producing herbal tea for domestic as well as export purposes. They have three variations in tea like- Hip tea, Genki tea and Red tea. The company is uncompromising with regards to the wellness of its customers and therefore produces genuine and healthy tea only.

Food Abhi

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FoodAbhi is one of the recognised online meal servicing brands that offers Tiffin and daily meal services at very reasonable prices. The meals are prepared hygienically, and you choose from veg, non-veg, Gujarati, Jain or other food categories. They also offer free shipping and on-time delivery facilities to fully satisfy their customers.



Satisfying your hunger and giving you the ultimate pleasure, FoodCloud brings to you all the varieties of Indian food and different cuisines from across the world. Not only this, but they also have a good range of desserts and other side dishes. Gourmet meals are also available here with the finest quality raw materials.


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Food is the first and foremost necessity of our lives. Foodesto thus helps in fulfilling this obligation by providing us with a broad range of food items including beverages, cakes, chocolates, breakfast, meal kits, desserts, cheese, ice-creams and much more.


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Bring kilos of “deliciousness” at every portion of your food by checking in on From starters to main course and desserts; it showcases each and every variety of food items at many affordable prices. You can shop bakery products too.


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One more exclusive online meal servicing store is Delightful veg and non-food foodstuffs are available at every point of time to satisfy your hunger. The raw materials used are fresh, and it always takes into consideration the wellness of its customers.

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