Top 10 Pubs You Should Never Miss In Bangalore!

Bangalore, the Garden City of India is famous for many reasons. It is said to be the best hangout place in South India. Bangalore is not only famous for its gardens, but also for its thrilling nightlife. Yes! One cannot miss the yo-yo nightlife that the city gives you.

So, when we think about nightlife, the first thing that sparks us are of course the pubs. Bangalore has numerous pubs located at various places inside the city. Right from medium range to very posh and expensive, the city gives you various choices to take your pick.

Some people prefer those pubs which play low music and give them a lot of time to spend some quiet time as well as relaxation, with exotic foods and drinks. There are many other pubs in Bangalore which are famous for loud rock music and disco. Usually such pubs are largely preferred by youth.

Most of the pubs are located in the heart of the city, where people crowd to enjoy their life. Irrespective of age, people gather here to have some relaxing time, meet new people, make deals, burst out the stress and of course to drink and eat.

Now, there are people who are not that aware about pubs as well. Surprised? Well, it isn’t a joke but, there are people who are still ignorant about such things.

Be it a Bangalorean or a non- resident of the city, there are certainly some pubs in Bangalore which you should not miss. Here are listed top 10 pubs you should never miss in Bangalore…

Skyye City Bar, UB City

Skyye City Bar is one of the most preferred lounge bar in Bangalore by most of the people. Though expensive, people drive into this place for many reasons. It is located at the 16th floor in UB City, located at Vittal Mallaya Road.


The main highlight of this lounge bar is that it plays live music as well as it is placed on the rooftop. So, it provides you to feel and enjoy the city during night. It is also very much famous for its notable wine and beer lists as well. It is a good place to hangout for groups, has a DJ, serves good food and moreover it even conducts live shows by popular DJs during festive seasons.

What more you need to crunch your thirst?

Toit, Indiranagar

Another great choice in the list is Toit. Located at Indiranagar, the pub is one of the best choices by most of the people, including family. The main highlight of this pub is that it plays loud music with live DJ. The ambience is so fresh and gives you an extra feel to visit back every time.


The food is too awesome including Italian and American cuisines along with Pizzas.

Arbor Brewing Company (ABC)

The Arbor Brewing Company, popularly known as ABC is another most preferred pubs in Bangalore. It is located at Brigade Road. It is famous for its wonderful ambience which gives you a cozy feeling. The pub offers you American and Continental foods.


Loft 38

Loft 38 is yet another popular premium pub in Bangalore. This is also located in Indiranagar. It is spread across three levels. Alike Skyye, this pub also provides live music of artists around India as well as the world.


It has got that wild look and ambience and the DJ too plays some wild stuff here.


High is situated at an elevation of almost 420 feet! Now, do not get alarmed. This modern Asian bar and restaurant is places at World Trade Centre, which eventually makes it to be the tallest point in South India. Isnt that wonderful?


Good food and music is the highlight of this pub.


This pub is a good choice if you do not want to spend too much. The place is reasonable for food as well as for drinks. It also provides you karaoke.



Opus is one among the common pubs in Bangalore, famous for its karaoke nights. It is located at palace road. Earlier, it was a bungalow now modified into a restaurant-cum-pub. It has an outdoor seating as well. It serves North Indian, Continental and Goan food.



FBar is situated in Cunningham Road. This reason makes it more accessible to people, making it to be the final destination for many. It serves non-veg, alcohol and has an outdoor seating as well. It is affordable too.


Coconut Groove

Located at Church Street, Coconut Groove has a relaxing ambience with many coconut grooves as its name suggests. The pub provides Burton Beer, which makes it popular. It serves Kerala and Chettinad cuisines adding more spice to your evening.


Love Shack

Love Shack is located in Domlur. It is a very comfy zone for all to sit and relax. It has a rooftop restaurant, lounge and karaoke. It shares a Goan ambience and is said to be the hangout place for ladies during weekends. The place is best post 9pm.


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