Top 5 Android/iOS Games For Kids

Kids of this era are indeed blessed so much as they get a chance to move along with the technology at a much greater pace. They understand it well, may be slightly more than the elders at a very young age. As we all know, there a plenty of apps available these days but all of them are not apt for your kids. There are games as well as educational related apps for children to explore these days.

Most of the apps comes in an in-built form and may be sometimes you have to download it from the store. The fact is that the kids are least bothered of the money that are spent for these apps and may even cause other problems. So, it is better to protect your phone with a password so that you are aware of your kids playing with your phone/tablet. Make sure that they ask you before they make any click. Now, have a look at the top 5 android/iOS games for kids, which are meant both for playing as well as for educational purposes.

Polar Bowler


This game is available for both iOS and Android phones for $1. It is apt for all age groups and is meant for mere entertainment. This game features a Hawaiian shirt wearing polar bear named PB as he careens through obstacles on an inner tube to knock over pins. PB is assisted by his penguin butler, J. The paid version offers over 70 levels and no ads, but there are in-app purchases.

Free Books

free books

Free Books offers 23,469 classics which are public domain novels, so it is perfect for a kid with any interest in the classics like Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz. Free Books also has a selection of audio books. Here your child can listen to the books and then try reading it for self. Once you have the entire library downloaded, you can easily rate the books according to priority later on. Check for reviews and make sure that you have the appropriate choice for your kid.

Toddler Teasers


Toddle Teasers are free on iOS and Android phones/tablets. This game helps all those toddlers who are getting ready to go to their preschool. This includes puzzles and games involving shapes, colors, numbers, and letters. Toddler Teasers features over 30 categories, which include shapes, colors, money, symbols, colors, and numbers. The game has puzzles, games, and flashcards to make learning easy. Once kids have been playing for a while, the app will email report cards to show the categories in which your kids excel or struggle.



GaziiScience is available only on iOS and it is not free too. You have to pay $2 for iOS phone/tablet. It has science educational games. It is an easy and fun game. There are six different areas of the game with a different piece of science to learn . The app has a lot of content, but the actions are repetitive so there is a possibility children will outgrow the games.

Mini Monet

Mini Monet

This is focused on drawing and art where the kids get a chance to explore a town. Mini Monet offers 120 coloring pages and a blank pad in which kids can create pictures from scratch. Every masterpiece can be saved to your child’s art book and looked at later or sent to emailed and printed out. Once kids complete a coloring page, they can earn coins and use those to buy new coloring pages or different colors. Mini Monet offers the magic pencil that ensures they stay within the lines.

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