5 Foods Ideas for This Summer

Top 5 Foods to Have During Summer

“Tan Skin, Lazy Day, Late Night, Nasty Sickness’ best describes Summer Season. Summer is the hottest and warmest season in India and everywhere in the world. Summer season in India starts from March and will be till end of June month. In Northwestern region of India, summer will last from April to July. When the vertical rays of Sun reach Tropic of Cancer, the temperature in Northern India rises and during this time, the environment will be too hotter. April is the hottest month for western and southern parts of India while for other regions May is the warmest month.


During the summer season, it’s hard to keep healthy body as there are many diseases that are seen more only during this season. The health problems that are commonly seen during the summer are dehydration, food poison, stomach ulcer, and many others. So it’s very much important to stay healthy by eating right food that suits to the summer season. Food plays an important role in any season; proper intake of food can keep you fit and healthy without causing any health problem. Well, here we have stated few types of summer season foods that are perfect to eat with no worries of health problems:

Types of Foods to have in summer:

Water & Buttermilk

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The best food to have in more quantity is water; it is the most medically preferred drink during the summer season. Water is rich in minerals, and lots of minerals will get lost hot season due to sweating.  Water plays a crucial role during the summer, and it helps the body to stay fit and healthy with no problems. It helps to keep body hydrated and also protects from dehydration.

Image Source: www.fitho.in
Image Source: www.fitho.in

Buttermilk is a desi style fresh drink for everyone on any season. Water is the most preferred drink to have during the summer season. Buttermilk is made from curd and curd is considered to one of the healthy food to intake every day. Having buttermilk every day after meal prevents indigestion, improves immunity and keeps the body cool. Intake of Buttermilk with honey or less sugar will help to reduce weight sooner. You can also mix teaspoon of salt and some spicy ingredients to a glass of buttermilk and enjoy the delicious taste.

Veg Grilled Foods


Image Source: www.walmartlivebetter.ca
Image Source: www.walmartlivebetter.ca

Veg Grilled Food is always healthier for any season when compared to non-veg grilled foods. In hot summer season, eating spicy non-veg foods will not be good for health. Eating less spicy veg foods will be right food choice to have on summer season. The grilled foods are easy to digest, and it burns the calories. When vegetable is grilled it doesn’t lose its nutrition, and the grilled vegetables are good for healthy dieting.

Fresh Juices

fresh raw vegan juice
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Fresh juices are ideal drink for any season. Some of the fruit juices of Lemon, watermelon, muskmelon, pomegranate, and grapes, are good to have for the summer season. These fruits are rich in vitamins, citrus, potassium that helps for healthy living on summer. In general, be it any season preparing juices at home would be good for health. For healthy juices, prepare at home, you can also follow your diet plans avoid gaining weight. Well, put some ice cubes and enjoy real fruit experience by sip by sip drinking fresh homemade juices in the hotter summer at home.

Dry Fruits

Image Source : www.tafreehmella.com
Image Source : www.tafreehmella.com

Some Dry Fruits like Almond, Cashew, Pista, Walnut, and grapes are good to have while on summer season. Dry Fruits are rich in calcium, vitamin, protein, iron, and fiber, and having with ice creams or milk will help in keeping body in healthy condition. There are two ways for consumption of dry fruit directly or make powder of it and take with milk, or fresh juices. Dried grapes prevent indigestion while almond, cashew, walnut helps to keep the body in balance. Having dry fruits during summer is a great idea for people who are on diet or thinking of diet.

Vegetable Salads

Image Source: komalinunna.blogspot.com
Image Source: komalinunna.blogspot.com

There are varieties of salad recipe available worldwide. The types of Salads include green salads, vegetable salads, salads of pasta, grains salads, and fruit salads. All these types of salads are healthy and good for any season. All the vegetables are good for having as salads during the summer season. Green vegetable, cucumber, tomato, and carrot are of low calorie and have high water content.

Image Source: www.taste.com.au
Image Source: www.taste.com.au

Consumption of water during summers is must, the more you have water, the more you are healthy on summer. Vegetable Salads is healthy and are rich in nutrition, fiber, vitamins, and acts as antioxidants for deadly diseases. Well, Salads are the useful tool for maintaining good health and also helps to reduce weight in a healthy way.

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