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Top 7 Places To Celebrate This Diwali

Diwali, one of the main festivals in India is nearing. It is the festival of lights and people love to celebrate Diwali with lots of pomp and show. It is the best time to travel as well. It is because it is the time where you can see how Diwali is celebrated in different parts of India. It is to be noted that Diwali is not celebrated with importance in every parts of the country. There are certain states that give importance to Diwali celebrations.

Since it is festival season, we also get a lot of Diwali offers and discounts from many travel sites such as Yatra, Makemytrip, Musafir, etc. So make use of this offers and plan a trip to any one of the places listed below, where Diwali is celebrated more enthusiastically.



Delhi, the capital city is the best place to start off with your Diwali trip. In Delhi, Diwali celebrations begin with Dusshera itself. The whole of the city will be filled with banners and cards that make us feel that the festival is nearing. The merchants and the online stores have already set their offers and discounts for the coming festival, to make this Diwali another reaping time. People shop a lot during this time. Mostly they shop clothes, sweets, gifts, fruits and crackers during this time. You can also enjoy the lights and rangoli everywhere.

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Amritsar in Punjab is yet another must visit place during Diwali festival. It starts off with cleaning and decorating their homes in Amritsar. They use flowers, leaves and put rangolis to decorate their homes. As we all know, Punjabis are very foodie people. So, you can taste authentic Punjabi cuisine as such if you visit the place during Diwali season. The main attraction of the city during Diwali is when the Golden Temple of Amritsar gets illuminated by thousands of lights, diyas and candles. The reflection of these lights on the water is a must see sight. Fireworks are also important here.

3.Uttar Pradesh


Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh is another important place to visit during Diwali season. The whole state will be filled with diyas and lights. Varanasi is also called the holy city of India. It is said that on the Dwali evening, 50 odd Ghats of Varanasi are illuminated with thousands of diyas. It makes the whole city looks like a holy land indeed and is a beautiful sight to watch as well.



Jaipur in Rajasthan is another place to visit during the Diwali season. Here too, you can see diyas everywhere. The diyas are arranged in the form of animals, birds and also in the form of some dishes. You can get more than 2000 varieties of earthen lamps in the city during Diwali season. Fireworks, special handicrafts and sweets are also specialties during the festival. A contest is also said to be conducted in Jaipur during the festival to award the best decorated market.

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5.West Bengal


West Bengal is another state that celebrates Diwali with its full enthusiasm. Kolkata is more important when it comes to any festivals in West Bengal. Kali Puja is done in Kolkata. For this, the devotees offer lamb or buffalo to please the goddess. The Prasad is then shared among all the devotees that gather at the place.  They decorate the place with lights, candles, lights and diyas.  Fireworks are also seen with great importance in the city.



Purushwadi is a small village located on a hill along the Mumbai-Nasik highway. It is one of the best places to visit during Diwali festival. It is a quiet village indeed. If you are too stressed out and want to have a quiet and peaceful way to celebrate the festival, then this place is a best choice. With local food, traditional songs and local oil lamps, you can also become a part of the people in that village to celebrate Diwali in a traditional style.

7.Tamil Nadu


Sivakasi in Tamil Nadu is another place to visit during Diwali. It is a village where people earn their living by making crackers. The place is also famous for its fireworks. It is to be noted that almost 90% of the fireworks and crackers that reach the whole of India during festival season come from the village of Sivakasi.

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