Trendy Hair Clips For You

Alike your outfits, sandals and make up, your hair also needs something special to make it look unique in everyway. You take care of your hair by using the best branded shampoo, wash it with conditioner as well, gives it a hair spa and what not! But, it all goes in vain if you fail to decorate it nicely. Now, when I say decorate, it does not mean that you have to stuff your hair with many things to look it heavy and untidy.

Large varieties of hair clips are available in the market these days, where you can choose your kind. There are clips that are very simple to those which are very expensive and trendy. Trendy clips include all those which are having precious stones, sequins, bows, glitters, pearls and many more. Now, have a look at some of the recent trendy hair clips for you. Hope you will like them and will make sure that you own atleast one of them in your wardrobe collection. You can try buying them online through our stores Fashion And You as well as Fashionara.


This is a butterfly clip, embedded with pink stones on them. It looks very trendy due to its design and the stones. Also, the silver color of the clip makes it suitable to wear with any outfit. Now, this is a perfect choice for you to wear for any party or even a wedding.

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This is another hair clip with white and pink stones on it. It is a perfect choice to wear with gowns and dresses. It will make you look even more trendy and stylish.


This picture shows yet another trendy hair clip. It can be worn with any kind of outfit including sarees. The golden color of the stones makes it suitable to be worn with any color of outfit.


This is a simple yet trendy hair clip. This simple clip is made attractive with the help of glitters. You can make them by sprinkling glitter suited for the color of your dress to make it go matching with what you wear. Just make sure that the glitters are spread evenly, to avoid looking odd.

img-5These clips are basically for the kids. They have white pearls on them, to make it look more stylish as well as trendy. They are available in different colors. Select the ones that match the dress of your child, to make her look even more beautiful.

img-6This peacock shaped hair clip is one of the most sort after one by women as it is having that needed stylish look. Also, it has been embedded with different colors of stones, to make it look even more attractive. They are available in different colors and also in multicolors.


This hair baratte is made with multi-colored swaroski stones. It is a perfect choice for you to wear during weddings and other important events. It will make you look even more stylish and also it can very well compliment with anything what you wear.

img-8This pink feathered hair clip can be worn as a head piece if you are ready to go for a night party. It goes well with a half open hair, makes you look trendy and stylish. It is available in many colors.

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img-9These are known as flower clips as they are in the shape of flowers. They are available in many colors and will be a good choice to wear for parties and outings. They are also available in small, medium and large sizes as well. Both adults as well as children can wear these flower clips.

img-10These are known as bird clips as they are in the shape of birds. They are also available in different colors. Both children as well as adults can wear this clips. they have stones on them, which makes it look stylish and trendy. They can be worn for all unofficial purposes.

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