Try These Foods To Keep You Cool This Summer

Summer is that one season which is the most tiring of all. It makes you feel tired, exhausted and tanned. Yes, it makes you look the worst however hard you try due to the scorching sun and sweating. The season even gets you into different mood swings and the worst part is that it makes your appetite down, making you feel thirsty all the time and hardly any solid food!

There is nothing to worry much if you are a little cautious with your diet. Summer can be as good as any other season if you make slight changes on what you eat, making your body cool. As we all know, Indian cuisine is rich is spices and a lot of masala which makes your body even more hot. A lot of spices in your diet are not good during summer. Pick up those foods that can keep your body cool and help you in proper digestion as well, making your body free from nauseating.

Now, have a look at this list of food that can help you in keeping your body cool this summer…



Eating a lot of fruits during the summer can keep your body cool. Though its Mango season, do not consume a lot of them as they keep your body hot. Pounce on fruits which have more fluids in them like Water Melon, Oranges, Strawberries, Blueberries, Lemon etc that can keep your body cool.

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Rather than a heavy meal, prefer eating more salads and that too at frequent intervals. It can keep your body cool. Try for fruit salads or even veggies. Pick your choice and have them at regular intervals. They are healthy as well as they keep you hunger free!



Intake of a lot of fluids during summer can help you a lot. It keeps your body cool and also frequent urination helps in lowering the heat as well. Tender coconut is the best during summer to beat the heat. Also you can eat cucumber, tomatoes and many other fruits that are high in fluids.

Green Vegetables


Try to eat a lot of green vegetables during summer. Make it a point to have them at least once every day either in your salad or have them steamed. It helps you to have a fresh and younger looking skin during summer as they help fight against the UV Rays and protect your skin from getting tanned and dry.

Green Tea

summer-drink-iced-Green Tea

Green Tea is good for your body at any season. It makes your body hydrated. Prefer Iced Tea during summer as it can cool you a bit more. It has other uses as well including reducing your cholesterol and builds immunity.



Intake of yogurt or curd is also a best way to keep your body cool. Have a lot them during summer as they are rich in protein and makes your tummy full, preventing you to eat a lot of junk food. Prefer eating low-fat yogurt. You can have them along with your salads as well or have them plainly. Avoid sugar or salt.

Try these foods that can help you stay cool and fresh this summer. Also, do not forget to wash your face with cold water frequently. Give proper rest for your eyes. Use cucumber slices to cool your eyes. Wear cool and cotton dresses during summer. Use sunglasses when you are out in the sun to protect your eyes from dust and the sun. Now, enjoy your summer!

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