Unique Gift Ideas For Your Friend’s Wedding

The wedding is always a happy occasion. It is one such moment where you get to witness the gathering of many after a long year. It can be the family, friends and even colleagues and even the old neighbors. When your bestie or a close friend is finally ready to get settled in life with the bonding of marriage, you must be the happiest person among the many, who will wish him/her all the success for a fruitful relationship in the coming years. The part that makes you go confused is the gift.

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It is your friend’s wedding, and you will be probably wondering or even confused what to gift him/her. Typical gifts will not find your interest, and you will be hunting for unique gifts that you friend will remember always. It can leave you confused for some time thinking what to buy and what not to. Leave aside all your chaos on what gift you should get your friend to his/her wedding and check for some unique gift ideas you can consider for your friend’s wedding.

A Wedding Portrait

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This gift is indeed a unique one you can very much feel for your buddy. It does take some effort to make a portrait of the wedding story of your bestie. If you are already aware of their love story, your task will be much easier. Or else, you can take the help from people and family who are known to their wedding story including how they met, propose story when love started blooming, engagement till their wedding day. You can add texts to these memories, or any much talked about the incident that has finally led to their wedlock. I am sure it will bring a smile on their face.

A Honeymoon Gift

Every Tom, Dick & Harry do not enjoy a honeymoon. Some people do find it tough to manage their wedding expenses that they skip enjoying their honeymoon. Though they do not plan, friends can plan! Yes, you can gift them a honeymoon package. Now, this does not refer to you providing the tickets and accommodation to expensive places but, you can sponsor any of their expenses including air ticket, stay, resort. If you again find it expensive, you can form a group and contribute to the honeymoon to your buddy. It will not cost you much then.

Plan A Wedding Theme

How about planning the wedding theme of your best friend on his/her wedding day? Being the best friend, you might be very much aware of the likes and dislikes of your friend, and you can decide on a theme that will work for him well. You can pick the venue, take a decision on the wedding theme color, the cuisine and the and the menu for the same, designing their wedding invitation card, etc. It takes some effort but is worth for making your friend feel great about your friendship and to make his marriage a memorable one for him.

Post Wedding Dating

The couple does need some time to spend for themselves post wedding. Most of the time it does not happen due to various reasons. How about reserving them a date post wedding? It will give them a surprise as well as it will always be remembered. Also, you can plan for a musical night for them with a chain of their favorite songs. Check out NearBuy for fantastic deals on various hotels, resorts, etc. for booking your deal at the low price.

Gift Cards

Now if you are not sure what to buy, or that if you find these ideas will not suit your friend, you can opt for gift cards. It starts from Rs. 250 denomination and you can choose the amount you wish to gift your friend. Thus, your friend can buy whatever he/she would love to. In fact, online shopping will have many discounts, and this will make your friend even happier. You can look for gift cards at Amazon India, and you can buy them at a low price than their denomination using Amazon India Coupons.

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