Smart Phones have now change the way we use mobile. It has now become a companion for us. Specially the different games and apps has made our life easier. But one things that has made it possible is the mobile internet.

With Airtel 3G in your hand you can get that speed and play your favorite mobile games. You can get the 3G plan for both your post paid and pre paid connections. The charges are:

Airtel 3G Tariff

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Smart phone without 3G connectivity cannot act smart. This is the time to upgrade your network and switch to Airtel 3G. Depending on your usage, choose the best plans.

With 3G plan plan on your smart phone, you can download all your mobile games and play live with your friends. Install watsapp and get connected, run out the monster in temple run and also enjoy the candy game. Don’t miss out the Angry birds, the walking dead, world of goo, dots and lot of free games which you can download. Enjoy 25% faster youtube video streaming as well.

Lets make the smartphone more smarter with Airtel 3G plan. You can get the smartphone from Nokia, Samsung, Apple, Sony and many other brands. All the latest smartphone comes with 3G support. Choose your smartphone, get your Airtel 3G plan and come into action with freebies like mobile games, apps and lot many things.

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