What Vegetables To Eat During Winter?

Winter is nearing and almost everyone has already started taking the needed precautions to prevent them from the cold climate. But, people are still confused over the food that should be taken during this time.

A mother is the most confused person at this point of time. She has the headache of preparing favorite dishes for all in the family which is healthy as well, for the season. If there are kids at home, then there is no point in saying it all.

Fresh Vegetables are unavoidable during winter. Betroot, Cabbage, Carrots, Capsicum, Corn, Pea, Tomato etc are some vegetables that are gown popularly during the winter. Carrots are best to take during the winter season as it is rich in vitamin A, which helps in body’s ability to prevent cold. It is good for the eyes as well. Carrots can be eaten as raw, which is even better for the body rather than eating it cooked.

Now, let us take a look at the vegetables that should be eaten during winter….


As mentioned above, carrots are main source of Vitamin A, which can battle the body from the cold climate. You can have it either in your main course or many even take it raw.



Raddish is almost similar to Carrot in help in helping the body to fight against the cold climate. Apart from that, it also helps in reducing the weight of the body. Its peel is rich in antioxidants and contains vitamin B, C and folate.



Spinach is common during most of the season and it is abundantly grown during winter. It can prevent diseases that attack you during the season. It helps in skincare and even fight against cancer.



 It is yet another vegetable that is cultivated during winter. It not only helps to fight against the disease, but also it helps to increase the body heat, thus helps in maintaining the body temperature.


Green Beans

Alike all vegetables, Green Beans too helps in maintaining the body temperature and also provides essential nutrients that our body needs. It is a good source of protein and helps in reducing the weight loss as well.



Green Peas is yet another vegetable that is grown commonly during the winter season. It is rich in vitamins K, B, in folic acid and ascorbic acid.



Yams are found in abundance during the winter season. It is the best source of proteins. You can cook it easily as well to make a good meal.  Yams are also a good source of vitamins C and B. It rejuvenates the cells and the body. Yams also provide the needed energy for the day.



It is rich in vitamins, fiber and helps in easy digestion. It prevents constipation, maintains blood sugar level. It is also rich in proteins. It keeps the body less acidic.



Cabbage is yet another source of vitamins and it too helps indigestion. You can even lose your weight by taking cabbage juice daily in your diet. Folic acid is present in cabbage juice and is considered as an important nutrient as it helps build new blood cells.



Tomatoes are a good source of Vitamins A, C, K, folate and potassium. It also helps in weight loss and also keeps your skin glowing and hair shining.


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