how to save money on entertainment

Ways To Save Money On Entertainment

People love to spend money for entertainment. Now, when I say entertainment, it refers to all those activities which provide any sort of happiness to you. People never dare to sacrifice their happiness for the sake of money but, they are scared of spending too much as well. Entertainment can be watching a movie, an outing with family, a long drive, dining at a restaurant or even shopping!

Now, money just matters when you want to spend for any sort of entertainment. There are people who would spend without considering how much. But, there are certain people; I would rather say majority of the people will have a budget as to how much they should spent on various activities on entertainment.

You will be wondering how you can save money on entertainment? Yes! You can and that too by following some simple yet effective tips. Life becomes so dull and stressful if you don’t have any sort of entertainment in life. So, do not avoid it but enjoy it effectively.

When you want to watch a movie:

  • Online Booking: All of us are aware of booking movie tickets online. But, are you aware of the offers they provide? Sites like Book My Show offers great offers. When you book a ticket through them, there are chances of getting another ticket free or even cash back!
  • Avoid Too Much Eatery: Avoid eating popcorn, ice creams or any other drinks. Try to go during day time so that food cost is saved. Prefer to carry a bottle of water from home which you can use if you are thirsty.
  • Watch movie online: Try to watch the movie when it is available on the internet!
  • Get Tickets By Recharging: Check out for offers when you do the phone recharge to grab movie tickets.
  • Volunteer To Local Theaters: Try to watch the film in local theaters. Now, this is an option for those who go with friends and not with family.

When you want to go out to dine:

  • Book Online: If you are not so particular about the place you dine, it is better to order it online. Stores like Just Eat, FoodPanda, Tasty Khana, gives incredible discounts for food.
  • Look For Best Deals: Go for happy hours or when the hotel offers exclusive price for buffets. This can make you enjoy your desired dishes as well as it will be budget friendly. Sites like Groupon gives exclusive offers for food, outing and dining.
  • Look Out For New Launches: There are certain hotels and restaurants that give offers for their prime launch. Try to grab the deal then to avail great discount. Some restaurants even offer buffet at very low prices. Check for the offers each carries and enjoy.

When you want to party:

  • Go With Friends: It is always good to go for parties in groups. In this way, you can save your money in transportation, fuel etc.
  • Check Free Entry: Check out if the entry is free. If the entry for couple is free, make use of it.
  • Share Budget: It is good and cheap if you share the budget with friends. Visit pubs and dance floors during offers. You can enjoy a lot with minimal budget.
  • Create Groups: There are certain pubs that give offer for a certain number of people or a group. Try to make some engagements on social sites so that you can grab the best deal.

When you want to travel:

  • Book Tickets Cost Effectively: It will be easy to save money if you plan your trip a little ahead, so that you can book your tickets when there is an offer.
  • Look For Offers: Sites like Musafir, Yathra etc gives good offers in travel packages. AirAsia, Spicejet etc gives discounts in prices. Book your tickets for that period to save money. Best way to save money is to grab best deals or coupons that come your way for packages.
  • Hotel And Food: Check out for the best deal in the available hotels and for food for the place you plan to travel. Pick a deal for packages that offer discounts in food, accommodation, sightseeing etc.

When you want to shop more:

  • Shop During Offers: Shop more during festive season when both online and offline stores gives innumerable discounts.
  • Use Debit/Credit Cards: Check out for the offers stores give when you do purchasing with your debit/credit cards. They might offer cash back or discounts on cards. It can save a lot of money.
  • Shop With Family Which Give Offers: Take your family to a mall on such a time when it offers good offers. This can make your wife happy as well as save your pocket!
  • Check Offline Stores: Offline stores like Mega Mart, D Mart, Big Bazar etc., gives you good offers while when it comes to online there are plenty of stores like Myntra, Amazon, Snapdeal, Zovi, Flipkart and many more offer great and surprising discounts on all commodities.

When you want to recharge your mobile:

  • Check for cash back offers: There are online sites that offer cash back for every recharge. This is very cost effective and you hardly spend much. Check for sites like Paytm, Freecharge etc for good offers.
  • App Offers: There are certain companies that offer cash back if you install their app in your mobile. You can redeem the cash back by recharging your phone or buying goods from their stores

When you want to buy gifts:

  • Own Creation: It is always good to gift someone a thing which is made by you. If you are too good in making crafts, painting or even in sewing, create something from your own imagination and gif th the person rather than depending on costly gifts.
  • Giveter: Giveter is an online site that gives you the opportunity to select gift online. It helps you to filter your needs and gets numerous options to select gifts. Pick the one which is more appropriate for you.
  • Family Gifts: When you want to buy gifts for all the members in a family, rather than buying for each person which is quite expensive, try to buy something that can be used by the whole family. This include a gift cards, coupons for shopping, movie tickets etc.

When you want to read books:

  • Buy Used Books: If you are so particular to read books, it is better to buy used books. Or else, you can also prefer to use the public library which gives you the opportunity to enjoy reading free of cost. In fact, you can also make some community service through this.
  • Subscribe Online Magazines: It is another way to save money. Rather than buying magazines which costs high, try to subscribe them online. You will get the same news either cheaply or even free!

Concluding: These are some of the main criteria to save money on entertainment stuffs. You must be aware of many more innovative ways on how to save your money from random spending. Share your ideas or personal experience where you have saved money.

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