Lockdown is extended until May 3rd.

Time is difficult and challenging but just remember that we are not stuck at home, we are safe at home🏠 😊 . Here are 7 things PM Modi requested to follow –

  1. Take care of Elderly 👵 – Corona virus attacks those who have weak immune systems and as people get old, they lose their immunity. So first & foremost we need to take care of our elderly people at home. You can order medicines & other health supplements online 💊 @ 1MG, Medlife or Pharmeasy. Also check Seniority for everyday essentials for them.
  2.  Maintain Hygiene – This is a very important weapon in fighting with Corona virus. We need to maintain hygiene by keeping ourselves & our surroundings clean. Keep washing hands with soap 🧼or sanitize it properly with sanitizer. Keep your faces covered with masks 😷if you have cough or cold or if you are going out in public. Wash & sanitize your mask frequently. Do not touch your eyes, nose & mouth with unwashed hands. You can buy N95 Masks & Sanitizers @ Paytm Mall, Amazon & Flipkart
  3. Boost your immunity – We need to boost up our immunity in order to resist this virus. To increase the immunity:

-have a lot of Vitamin C rich food🍋🍊 like Oranges, Tomatoes, Lemons, Grapes, Red Bell Pepper, Broccoli, Spinach, Yogurt etc. Order your fruits & Vegetables from BigBasket #Stayhome #Orderonline

-Do regular exercises like Yoga, pranayama or just walking. 🧘🚶

-Drink hot water. Avoid cold eatables. 🥛

-Check Ayush ministry guidelines for self-care & immunity boosters


You can find great deal of apps like “HealthifyMe” which can help you keep up with your healthy routine, Try them on!

4.Download Arogya Setu App – This app helps in identifying the positive corona virus cases near you. You can then take preventive measures accordingly.

5.Take Care of the Poor 💖 – This is the most important request to everybody. Please be empathetic to the poor people around you. Give them food 🍲and help them in surviving this tough situation. Also, landlords can try not to ask for rent from poor people as they are already struggling to live.

6. Employer & Employee relation – Please do not fire employees from work or cut their salaries. If it’s challenging for you, imagine for them. So have a big heart 💝& patience until this lockdown is over.

7. Respect Corona Warriors – It’s all over on internet how Doctors🩺 Nurses 👩‍⚕️ & Police 👮professionals are working hard to keep our community & our nation safe & Secure. Thanking them is a very small thing to do but that is the least we could do to them. Respect them, be proud of them & make them feel happy🥰.

There are people who have already found ways to keep themselves entertained with Cooking👨‍🍳 or Online Learning 🤓 or other passion. You can find one too!

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We are “Safe” at home Not “Stuck” at home 😊 by