What To Wear During Winter In India?

It is the month of September and as we all know the winter season is nearing. It is the most favorite season of all as it is the best season for love, romance, travel and also a time to forget the past and to begin a new journey. Since, it is a new beginning, a lot of new changes happens in terms of fashion as well.

Winter fashion is more aggressive in cold countries, but in India too, it has varied effects. Most of the people are supposed to be dressed up the best during winter season rather than on summer. So, a lot of changes and new trends emerge during winter season.

When it comes to fashion, every year leaves a mark of signature. It is to be noticed that none of the fashion trend is repeated the next year. More and more new innovative findings are happening in the world of fashion, which has made it the most successful industry.

The Wills Fashion Week held in Delhi during the month of March showcased some top designers with their latest collection of Autumn/Winter wears for 2014. It had both contemporary as well as traditional styles. It was a five-day show and had all the best in fashion, showcasing a mixture of all textures.


Tarun Tahiliani, Anupama Dayal, Vineet Bahl,  Kiran and Meghna, Vaishali Shadangule, Anand Bhushan, Rimzim Dadu, Kallol Datta, Nachiket Barve, Rahul Mishra, Abraham and Thakore, Archana Rao, Pankaj and Nidhi, Payal Pratap, Aneeth Arora, Arjun Saluja, Masaba Gupta and Namrata Joshipura were the top designers who displayed their collection for winter, 2014.

Tarun Tahiliani started off with a bang as the Bollywood diva Shilpa Shetty walked on the ramp for him. He showcased dhoti pants, draped sarees, skirts and pleated sing tops in the shades of ebony, ivory, indigo, purple and gold.

Now, let us not go deeper into the show, but let us take a look at what should we wear during winter season.


India is not a cold country so, people are not just so worried what to wear during winter. But there are states in India like North India and North East India which are extremely cold compared to rest of India during winter. Apart from these states, the rest of India normally faces a bearable climate.

As we all know, the best way to keep away from the extreme cold climate is to use woolen clothes. It makes your body feel the warmth and keeps the body temperature regulated.

Check out what to wear in India during Winter…

Always try to wear sweaters or jackets when you move out during the early hours or late nights. The temperature seems to be very high during this time. In eastern regions, they have no other option other than to stay back at home. They have to wrap up themselves fully, so that their body is warm.



It is always best to wear a muffler, ear muffs or wear the hoodie of your sweater or jackets to protect your ears from the cold. Wear long pants or jeans to cover up your legs and also do not forget to wear socks to keep your feet warm as well.

As far as children as concerned, make them fully covered from head to toe. Make sure that they wear gloves as well because if they are not protected against the adverse climate, chances of getting ill is more in kids rather than in elders. The immune system for kids is not as strong as that of adults.


If your place is not that cold, again it is not safe not to wear any winter clothes. Atleast wear a shawl and wrap around your body. It can get your body the needed warmth. Try to wear shoes during winter as it can protect your feet as well. Try to avoid a/c during winter season as it makes you feel all the more cold once you move out from it. Camp fire is yet another best way to fight the cold climate.


These are some of the safe ideas on what to wear during winter. But, solely this cannot help you from winter. You have to careful with other things as well like the food you eat, the precautions to take if you are an allergic person to cold climate etc. We will discuss more these topics in the coming days.

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