Which Color Should You Wear On A Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is one of the most awaited celebrations by people for many reasons. Some consider this day to propose the love of their life; others look on this day to celebrate the success of their love. This day is mostly celebrated by all giving roses and other gifts.

As we all know, each Rose color denotes or speaks about the relation of the person to the recipient. Red symbolizes love and so people prefer to gift a red rose during Valentine’s Day to make sure that they have found the loyal and loving partner. Likewise, the color of the dress that you wear on a Valentine’s Day also signifies the emotion that you carry for the day. Check out what each color denotes on this day and choose the right one this Valentine’s Day…



Wearing a Blue color on a Valentine’s Day denotes that you are still not committed, and so proposals are invited! Buy this Kurta online.



Red is the color of love and passion. So, there is no doubt that wearing a Red color on this day relates to the fact that you are already in love with someone. Buy this amazing red dress from Lifestyle.

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Green color relates to hope. It says that you have done your part and is waiting for the response. Check out Shoppersstop to buy this dress.



If you are planning to wear an Orange on this Valentine’s Day, it means that you will be proposing someone today, whom you are crazy and severe.

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Black is a hot color indeed and makes anyone look simply stunning. But, if you wear it on Valentine’s Day it says that you had a love failure. Buy this Black dress online from Myntra.



White denotes peace and on Valentine’s Day wearing a white dress indicates that you are engaged, and there is no room for anyone! Buy this folklore dress from Amazon.



Yellow color symbolizes friendship. Wearing this color on Valentine’s Day shows that you are interested only in friendship and nothing else! Buy this Yellow suit from Shein.



Grey is more of showing an attitude. It says that you are not interested in anyone, kindly excuse!



Pink is a soft and girly color and wearing it on a Valentine’s Day denotes that you are open to proposals!



The coral color is more like inviting. Wearing it on this day relates that you are desirable.



Love at first sight! Yes, wearing any of these colors on this day shows that you have finally fallen in love with someone at the very first glance.



I am not engaged, I am not that desirable, and I have neither friends nor a partner. Show me some sympathy guys! Think twice before wearing a Peach color on this day.

So, which color is yours for this Valentine’s Day? Share your comments and views.

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