Online cash games are enjoying the limelight enormously since the lockdown with unlimited sign-ups on gaming portals of India in the past couple of months. Among such games, online poker cash games are the juicy pie that everyone is seeking a slice or two from as you can earn real money in real time any given time of the day simply by contesting your skills online.

A Game of Poker

A game of online poker requires mastery over a few core skills namely Mathematics, Strategic Analysis, Logical Reasoning and Reverse Psychology. Its basic rules are simply in which players must strive to make the best possible hand amongst all and bet money accordingly to win the pot.

Poker is fun, fascinating and definitely a challenging game that can wreck the brains of even the best minds in the business! So, let’s take a look at some of the core reasons why online cash games of poker are driving people by the dozens during the quarantine and continue to do so.

  1. Quick Earnings for a Couch Potato

What better way to earn money possibly if not by sitting in your comfy sofa and simply hit a cash table and earn quick money with a few finger clicks? Online poker cash games offer this flexibility of gaming from anywhere on the run. The lockdown also proved to lock in the safety concerns of staying indoors by offering a game that fits the bit perfectly.

  • No Start/ End Time

Another factor that adds flexibility to online poker cash game players is that they have no fixed schedule. You can join a table, play as long as you want and leave whenever you feel like. Unlike tournaments that start and end in a fixed time with long grinding sessions, in online cash games, you have the freewill to log in, pick a table and get gaming. Play and earn as much quick cash you want and call it a day.

  • Wide Range of Stakes

Credible online poker sites often feature a wide range of tables in online cash games. For instance, online poker site, PokerBaazi hosts an impressive range of table stakes that start for as low as INR 10 and go as high as 30K. On PokerBaazi, you can play online cash games of Texas Hold’em, 4 Card PLO and 5 Card PLO for different stakes.

This means any player can pick game variant of their choice, choose a table according to his skill level and increase his/her potential to multiply his/her investments real quick.

  • Round the Clock Games

Unlike tournaments, online poker cash games in most sites are available round the clock. You can play from dusk till dawn and earn unlimited money all day long. As the lockdown has disrupted most of our daily routines, most of us are burning the midnight oil. This feature works well during the quarantine time as people have more time and space to log in even during the wee hours and find a game waiting for them.

  • Re-buy and Play Again

Online cash games of poker usually come in with unlimited re-buy options. This means you play at the same table with several live players that come and go from time to time. The fun part is whenever you are out of chips, you can re-buy for a minimum amount as many times you want and keep the fun coming. Although, if you are losing money on a given day, it would be better to take a break and come back when you are ready again.

All said and done, let’s take you to on online poker portal that offers you more than just real money. As mentioned earlier, playing online cash games on PokerBaazi has its own set of perks. It is currently running a whole set of promotions on online cash games that allows players to win BIG and get cashbacks on their money.

  1. 50LAC Cash Bonanza (1st-20th June) & Loyalty Rewards

This June, hit the cash tables on PokerBaazi to your heart’s desire as there’s plenty more to win than just some quick money.


  • Earn Reward Points on online poker cash games and win premium prizes from the Baazi Loyalty Rewards Program.
  • Earn as many Reward Points during this time span and rank in 2 brand new Leaderboard to win real cash bonus (RCB) worth up to 50LAC. Players can use the RCB to play more online cash games and win more money with zero investment from their pockets.
  • Two separate Leaderboards will run exclusively for low stakes and mid stakes cash games dedicatedly. 
  • Low stakes cash games run table stakes from 5/10 – 10/25 while mid stakes leaderboard shall run for table stakes .of 25/50, 50/100 and 100/200.
  • TDS Carnival (Till 1st July)

Poker players have several reasons to hit the online cash tables during the TDS Carnival because for every Reward Point you collect, you not just get closer to the Leaderboard prizes and Loyalty Rewards but also receive INR 100 tax free withdrawals all the way up to a gigantic withdrawal amount of INR 20LAC.

Players will receive bonus money as real cash bonus and can claim a maximum TDS of up to 6LAC RCB.

With so much up for grabs, it’s hard to say no and not test your skills in such a nail biting game like online poker. Its time you start your stellar run too.

All the Best!

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